Scary :oS

  babybell 10:21 30 Sep 2008

click here 17 bedrooms, haunted house, this could be a excellent idea for a business. Get people to pay to stay in a haunetd house! Dont think I can afford the mortgage on it though! Shame

  Quickbeam 10:43 30 Sep 2008

Don't scary houses have to be of Gothic architecture...?

  lofty29 12:10 30 Sep 2008

Do The houses of parliament qualify, what goes on there is pretty scary

  Seth Haniel 12:58 30 Sep 2008

built on old sites can be as haunted as old gothic towers.

  spuds 13:07 30 Sep 2008

Methinks that there is more to this, than meets the eye ;o)

I do not know if it still applies, but years ago Warwick Castle had a ghostly suspect part, that the security team and their dogs refused to enter.

  babybell 13:34 30 Sep 2008

I agree, in fact it may help show that people's fear of the surroundings heightens any "experience" of paranormal activity. Stick someone in a old scary looking house and someone in a nice shiny new build and I expect the first person will report more activity than the 2nd, even though there is as much chance (if any) of their being ghostly activity!

  Bingalau 14:34 30 Sep 2008

Come on! There's no such things as ghosts.

  Seth Haniel 14:36 30 Sep 2008

who said that!!!
is this forum haunted ???


  babybell 15:07 30 Sep 2008

Tell Mr Rashid that! :o)

  BT 17:12 30 Sep 2008

When we moved into our 'new' house 3 years ago, the first night we were there I went out to get some fish and chips as we weren't set up to do cooking, and while I was out my wife was convinced she saw an old lady in the living room doorway.
She's convinced it was the old lady who had lived there checking that her house had been passed on to someone who would look after it. We later found out that the house had been in the same family since it was built.
We think she approved as we've felt at home there from the very first day, and we haven't seen the old lady since.

  GRIDD 19:16 30 Sep 2008

"Mr Rashid, who is worth £25m and made his money through a chain of nursing homes, said: "I am now looking at a new property in Nottingham. I don't think I will ever buy an old building again because of what has happened."

£25 million from running Nursing Homes? Maybe it's his previous customers seeking refunds.

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