scamming the Microsoft call centres

  finerty 10:39 05 Sep 2011

computer hackers

they been ringing to get hold of account details, so beware.

  wiz-king 12:37 05 Sep 2011

I dont think you have read/written this correctly. They are not scamming Microsoft!

  namtas 13:56 05 Sep 2011

I suppose that it is new to some but the scam has being doing the rounds for some time.

  Woolwell 14:00 05 Sep 2011

I had a call yesterday. I've been warning people that I know for some time. I didn't get to one in time though and he installed software, etc. A warning was on Radio Devon months ago.

  Bapou 16:19 05 Sep 2011

I had two calls in one week claiming to represent Microsoft. Both callers were from India, the first, I let him go through the process of informing me the computer is infested with lots of nasties and offer to clean up the mess at a price. All he needed was permission to access the computer and my banking details. How much? Well that would be decided once it was determined how many nasties needed removing. Before I could say, "This a con, I'm calling the police!" For some reason we were cut off.

The second two days later, introducing himself as representing Microsoft, I interrupted and said it was only two days ago his brother phoned me and he had the details. This time I put the phone down.

  Forum Editor 18:46 05 Sep 2011

Microsoft will never call anyone about anything to do with a personal computer. Neither will they email anyone about anything, other than to send out email newsletters consistent with a prior consent.

You might think that it makes common-sense not to allow a random caller to have access to a computer, but not everyone understands the dangers involved, and not everyone understands that Microsoft would never make calls like this.

  LanceAlot 09:04 06 Sep 2011

I had a spate of these calls and reacted in a variety of ways. But still it continued, with up to two calls every week. I finally asked the caller to listen carefully because it was a bad line and used a personal high shrieking alarm. After three more calls using this technique the calls stopped.

I know the phone system limits the loudness of sound that comes out of a phone, and it can't transfer a wide range of sound frequencies either, but it worked anyway.

  Noldi 19:56 07 Sep 2011

I find the easy answer is, sorry I don’t have a computer where did you get your information from? They normally go away quite quickly.


  john bunyan 14:23 08 Sep 2011

I always start by insisting them telling me what number they have dialled - I do not tell them what it is as it is usually a computer going through all numbers. Then I ask for a call back number in case I want to follow up the issue: if they won't give one I ask to speak to a supervisor. Then I prevaricate saying the householer is upstairs etc, and if I have the time keep going until they go away having wasted a lot of call time.I never give them any details.

  Forum Editor 17:12 08 Sep 2011

"Then I prevaricate saying the householer is upstairs etc, and if I have the time keep going until they go away having wasted a lot of call time."

I always have difficulty in understanding why anyone bothers to do all that - why not just put the phone down?

  john bunyan 18:51 08 Sep 2011

FE To make them waste money in a small attempt to retaliate. A bit sad, I know. I sometimes string timeshare sales people along too. I shall resolve to do as you suggest!

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