Saying the wrong thing.

  lisa02 20:08 03 Jul 2007

A colleague was at a joint party for his daughter's and her friend's 21st.

He told us how he was sitting sipping a pint and one of the girls walked past and he said to the guy he'd been drinking with. "Would you look at her?" and commented on her assets (I'll leave that bit out of the forum).

The guy then quipped "Yes and she was a lovely baby too"

ROFL it was her dad.

Anyone else better it?

  Bingalau 20:21 03 Jul 2007

Without getting chucked off the forum... No!

  mammak 20:30 03 Jul 2007

Nope I cant better that one Lisa lol talk about putting your foot in it your colleague wasn't by any chance thumped was he? :-)

  Stuartli 20:32 03 Jul 2007

We've all been there, done that, got the T-shirt..:-)

  laurie53 20:39 03 Jul 2007

I once asked a guy if he'd had a good holiday.

"Not really. I went home to bury my mother"


  Jim Thing 20:51 03 Jul 2007

In a holiday hotel, my wife and I shared a table with a very pleasant chap and his equally nice wife, who had had the misfortune to lose her right arm in an accident.

One evening when we were all swapping stories after dinner, I had launched into a favourite tale about an ex-colleague who had foolishly turned down the opportunity of a lifetime, and I heard myself say "Most people would give their right arm for a chance like that."

That dinner was almost thirty years ago and I still cringe at the recollection.

  Blackhat 20:52 03 Jul 2007

Not quite saying anything but;

Driving slowly along my local high street on a summers day I noticed a lady with long flowing hair and a beautiful summer dress, fantastic figure etc and atracting a fair share of wolf whistles.

I don't usually rubberneck but as I passed by I had to look back to see her face.

It was the wife, we had been married 10 years.

Early night, end of story.

  postie24 21:23 03 Jul 2007

I once had to knock on a customers door because they had a lot of cards that wouldnt fit through the letter box.
When the lady answered the door,i said,sorry to disturb you, but i knocked to save bending the cards,i went on to say ,is it someones birthday?
To which she replied,no,my daughter has been knocked down by a car and is seriously ill,their get well cards.
From that day on,i never ask the custommers about the reason for so many cards at once.

  wallbash 21:23 03 Jul 2007

Read your posting twice,

Cant see a problem, or am i being dim?
Was there someone else in the car, did your ( good looking) wife see/hear you



ps lucky devil

  Stuartli 21:24 03 Jul 2007

If you don't recognise your wife after at least 10 years being together, especially as you were "driving slowly"........:-)

  Mars Sky 21:27 03 Jul 2007

A friend of mines father once had an embarrassing incident while driving along & was gawping at a pretty girl on the pavement when he crashed into the back of the car in front that had stopped. He had great difficulty in explaining the incident to his wife & the insurance company.

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