Saving energy has its penalties.

  jellyhead 19:18 23 Feb 2009

It would appear trying to save money and energy can sometimes cost you more.
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  octal 19:25 23 Feb 2009

British Gas, why am I not surprised. I didn't know there was a minimum consumption level.

Then they say "We will speak to Mrs Pracy to explain these charges and discuss any other energy efficiency measures for which she may be eligible." What, so they can charge her more? Muppets.

  peter99co 20:27 23 Feb 2009

I hope she tells them to stuff their electricity and someone helps her find a different supplier.

  jack 20:28 23 Feb 2009

made a connection charge then a charge for the product.
This charge was for the network- to cover the cost of maintaining the line/pipes.
In the main this has been absorbed into the overall fuel charge and no longer appears.
Obviously if some one uses so little product that the
network cost is not covered- the supplier may be looking for ways of covering themselves.
Bus as BG says it is a small number of users in this situation so I am surprised BG even mentioned it.
Hardly good good PR as this piece shows-
Shot themselves in the foot - again.

  natdoor 09:15 24 Feb 2009

The lady has had free insulation installed and is saving money as a consequence. She has a pre-payment meter, so presumably a British Gas employee must call periodically to collect the money in the meter. Bearing in mind that British Gas has to buy the electricity and has a business to run, it does not seem unreasonable to levie a charge on a customer who is presumably costing them money to supply. As to switching suppliers, it may turn out that no-one else would welcome her as a customer.

  dagnammit 09:25 24 Feb 2009

"payment meter, so presumably a British Gas employee must call periodically to collect the money in the meter."

Actually it's a payment card and you pay at post office or a paypoint.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:48 24 Feb 2009

are also just about the most expensive way of buying your energy. She should stump up this extra amount then ask them to remove the existing meter and replace it with an ordinary one.


  Noldi 12:11 24 Feb 2009

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One minute they want us to cut energy consumption but they are not prepared to do there bit to except that some people are very good at it. Strange 54p a week shot in the foot for BG and a PR headache.


  Forum Editor 17:15 24 Feb 2009

media storm in a teacup, and predictably some people seem to be overreacting wildly.

It's obviously an anomaly that needs to be sorted out, but I'm sure it will be, and as it says in the BBC text, this charge applies to only a very small number of customers on pre-payment meters.

It's a bit of a PR nightmare, but hardly something that's worth getting too excited about - there are far more important things to rant about.

  Noldi 12:26 25 Feb 2009

For sure but I think the PR guys would rather be doing other things than sorting out the rights and wrongs of 54p a month bill and coming out smelling of roses. This has only come about because she has found a journalist to print the story for her and im sure they will like it to get some reaction. I just find it strange to charge such a small amount to such a small amount of people.

But as my links show BG want people to cut energy consumption but don’t mention anything about over doing it.

But it beats talking about the credit crunch.


  peter99co 20:41 26 Feb 2009

Your npower gas account
We made changes to the way we charged for gas during 2007 so we've been reviewing your account to ensure that you got the best possible value from your npower gas supply. The vast majority of our customers were better off as a result of the changes. However, we've identified that you're one of a small number of gas customers, who used a small amount of gas between 1 May 2007 and 30 April 2008, who were slightly disadvantaged by the changes.
As you are valued customer we've taken amount_of gas you used during this period and calculated the net effect on your bills of the changes. We intend to make you a goodwill payment to ensure that you won't have paid more than you would have done before the changes. As a result you'll see a credit of £1 on your next bill.

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