Saveapoint, Burton-on-trent.

  Bellboy 20:50 18 Jan 2005

Last month I complained about the above company who deliver the wrong item to me and despite many emails, would only acknowledge my post. Since the order was part of a "loyalty" gift from TISCALI, I then asked TISCALI what relationship they had with Saveapoint, hoping for support with my problem. Tiscali, while courteous, repeatedly evaded my question (Why? Are they ashamed to be associated ?) and after more than 25 emails I am am no further forward.

My current complaint is no longer material, but against organisations which ignore trading convention and refuse to answer the "difficult" questions. Email is a terrific form of comunication, but E commerce will not properly succeed as long as help desks, Customer Support ect. think that they only need answer when it suits them.


  Buchan 35 22:39 18 Jan 2005

Bellboy, if you feel that trading standards are less than they should be, get in touch with your local Trading Standards office for their advice. Cheers.

  Bellboy 09:45 19 Jan 2005

Hi Buchan.
This corrospondence has been going on since November, last year and I have been stubbornly replying to the "customer services" posts, requesting that they actually address the subject of my complaint.
I have given up any hope of seeing my DVD and may soon unwrap the Bee-Gees CD that I have been landed with.
I doubt that I have the stamina to take it any further, but it makes me VERY ANGRY.

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