Savastore ignorant lack of response!!!!!!!!!!!

  joseph K 12:45 25 Oct 2005

I bought my third Lacie 160 Gig External HDD from 'Savastore' a couple of weeks ago. Unlike the first two this one is causing me some problems. Everytime I plug it into the USB in XP2+, Windows is asking me to supply drivers. I then go through the steps requested only to find that Windows can't find any. Drivers shouldn't be required in XP anyway - and wasn't with the first two drives.
Consequently I sent Savastore an email about a week ago followed by further emails on the next three days asking them for advise. So far they haven't even acknowledged my emails! Two of these were sent from their site, while I sent the other two directly from my email client - 'Thunderbird'.
I don't feel that it's time for a solicitor yet, but what would the rest of you do?

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 12:47 25 Oct 2005

Well, I think for a start I'd have a little more patience. Have you thought about sending a letter to them (special delivery)? That way, you can be *certain* they've received your enquiry/complaint. Have you tried calling to speak to someone who you can nail down to solving the issue?

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 12:49 25 Oct 2005

Thei switchboard number is 0870 027 0872.
Address is Savastore, Jessa House, Finway, Luton, LU1 1WE.

  anchor 15:23 25 Oct 2005

You are not alone in having problems with Savastore.

click here

  joseph K 15:38 25 Oct 2005

24 hours should be plenty of time. If they can't manage this they obviously have a lack of staff.

  plsndrs3 16:19 25 Oct 2005

I share the posting from WhenHeavenTouchesEarth that 24 hours is far too quick to expect/demand a reply [you are not, after all, their only customer!].

However, in an effort to post something that may help, have you tried contacting Peter Hills @ [email protected] 0871 666 0140. Peter has an online presence, although your posting MAY have been better off in the Consumerwatch section .....



  spuds 17:16 25 Oct 2005

Use the Peter Hills link above, and see if you have a response.

  joseph K 17:45 25 Oct 2005

I decided to get in touch with Lacie 3 three hours ago and received this, having told them exactly what I have stated here. Consequently, it doesn't seem as if they are too impressed with 'Savastore either.'
So many thanks and congratulations to LaCie for such great and efficient service.

If I had sent 'snail mail' last Wednesday I would have expected to hear something from 'Savastore' by now. Lacie's message as follows:

The chip the updater is looking for is the one on the interface board in the drive. From what you are describing there may be a fault with this part of the drive and you should return it for repair.

We usually require all returns to be booked through the company they were purchased from but as you have not had any luck getting a response from Savastore we will arrange this directly with you. We will have a return raise and an the returns paperwork and RMA number will be sent over to you shortly. All the information about the return should be on the paperwork but if you have any queries please let us know.


Technical Support | LaCie UK Ltd

Marvellous service!

  Forum Editor 18:23 25 Oct 2005

But it shouldn't have been necessary for you to contact the manufacturer yourself.

By doing so, you've effectively taken Savastore out of the loop, and you'll obviously have to deal with Lacie again if anything goes wrong with the repaired drive.

  joseph K 18:50 25 Oct 2005

I had all ready reached the conlusion that it was a waste of further time trying to deal with 'Savastore'. Especially as I had read other complaints about them before.
However, despite these complaints I continued to deal with them myself, because I hadn't had any bad luck with them at the time.
The result of this is:
1. I will continue to buy LaCie products, which I have always previously found to be both reliable and superb.
2. I will not be buying them from 'Savastore'.
Their loss not mine.

  Foisty 17:54 17 Nov 2005

I have just experianced the total lack of customer service with Savastore. I was under the impression they were a good reliable buisness but I was wrong. After spending £600+ on a number of components to build a mate a PC they sent out a TV card without the software and an audio lead. After registering my 'return request' on 29/10/05 I am still waiting for corespondance and authorisation. No response to emails, perminantly engaged phones etc, what do I do next. I did get an email apology a couple of days ago but I still can't return the goods!! I may get the credit card company envolved to hold the payment on the incomplete equipment. I bet I will hear something then!!!!

Can anyone recommend another company to purchase components from as I have another 3 systems to build for Christmas.

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