Saturday Night Live & Sarah Palin

  JYPX 23:32 15 Sep 2008

I love this clip and had to share it:
click here

  DieSse 23:55 15 Sep 2008

Sad but funny.

Not being American I can't vote - but I could never ever vote for a creationist, even if I agreed with everything else they say (which I guess would be unlikely anyway!).

  jack 09:03 16 Sep 2008

For this female to have made it to Mayor of a hick town in the frozen north then to be selected to the VP candidate.
All these candidates of both parties seem to stand there and read off sound bites - which are totally meaningless- vocalizations- I used to wonder at Blair- what he was thinking when he trotted out his stuff- but this lot leave me speechless - which is what they should be.

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