SatNavs to be voice only from next year

  Seth Haniel 10:23 25 Nov 2008

Had an 180 mile AA relay in the early hours of this morning - and the subject turned to SatNavs as they are fitted in the drivers cabs - and one driver told me that from next year they are to be voice only as the moving map is on a par with a television and is to be banned from vehicles.

So think before you buy an expensive gift -

Though the driver said he'd just move the tomtom from the dash board to the well of the vehicle

  Seth Haniel 11:27 25 Nov 2008

Betamax video recorders

  DANZIG 11:33 25 Nov 2008

What about the cars that have satnav screens as part of the dashboard?

  Seth Haniel 12:04 25 Nov 2008

pity they hadn't been a few threads as you could have attacked them instead of me

The member of the fourth emergency service also told me my fan belt was broken should I have have ignored him and drove home

beyond belief

  Cymro. 12:18 25 Nov 2008

Well I had my first Satnav recently and I must admit I did find it rather distracting for the first couple of hours or so of using it.

Still I suppose you could say much the same for many new peaces of kit that you have fitted in your car.

  Jim Thing 12:45 25 Nov 2008

I don't use my TomTom's display at all as I find it distracting. My satnav stays on the parcel shelf and I just listen to the voice.

  interzone55 12:46 25 Nov 2008

Your AA man is clearly wrong - there is no ban being discussed.

A voice only Sat Nav would be no use, as you need the on screen display to check junction lay outs etc - if the voice instructions had to give you these details they'd be even more distracting, a quick look at the screen will give you as much info as about 30 seconds of voice instructions.

Finally, a tom tom in the foot well is unlikely to work very well, the engine will block the signals...

  interzone55 12:48 25 Nov 2008

I'm not aware that Betamax video recorders were banned, you'd better tell the BBC, they still use Betacams (although they're now fully digital)...

  Seth Haniel 12:54 25 Nov 2008

didnt say Betamax was banned - but dropped in favour of VHS
as a lot of things in production at the time have a lot of future plans - but some new technology comes along and all plans fall to dust.

ie 8 track - cassette - record - Cd - mp3

16mm , 8mm, super 8 , video, minicam, sd card.

  interzone55 13:19 25 Nov 2008

But your response to fourm member suggested otherwise...

  Seth Haniel 13:35 25 Nov 2008

lets go back to nursery for you then

An AA man told me this morning that from next year they were going to use voice only satnavs as anything with moving images was a distraction as a television etc,.

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