Satellite TV For Mobile-home?

  Bingalau 17:43 11 Mar 2009

Can anyone give me advice on which items I need to purchase for receiving satellite programs on my TV, in a mobile-home. I found I couldn't get a very good picture in certain areas of the country over the last few days whilst gallivanting about the place. It picks up terrestrial TV here at home with no problems. But I would like to upgrade, so that I can get Free-sat etc. Maybe I will also need a separate "Sky" viewing card in the future to pick that up too. I've got a funny feeling we have qualified TV installers on this forum. Hope they don't charge for information though?

  oresome 17:53 11 Mar 2009

I think the likes of Maplins sell a satellite kit in a carry case, ideal for caravanners.

A guy I spoke to last summer on a site said he could set one up in a few minutes now he'd overcome the initial learning curve and found that the reception was more reliable than with terrestrial on rural sites.

  wiz-king 18:48 11 Mar 2009

One of many options for freeview click here

  jimv7 19:33 11 Mar 2009

My friend had sky tv legally, in his caravan and traveled all over the uk, france and even into spain.

He gave sky my address (with their knowledge) as a base and was sent a viewing card.

The biggest problem he had was setting the dish each time he moved.

Contact sky for more information.

  laurie53 21:01 11 Mar 2009

Lidl do a mobile satellite kit from time to time which is quite adequate for the odd trip, I have one.

CPC also do one, as do Maplin, already mentioned.

  Bingalau 22:17 11 Mar 2009

Thanks everybody for your in-put. I now have a better idea of what I need. The link from wiz-king looks promising and I will check it out further. I will also have a gander at the Lidl site and see if they have anything at the moment. I was expecting it to be more costly than your suggestions so far so I am glad I asked. Thanks again....

  peter99co 23:14 11 Mar 2009

I have the Maplin Set-up and it is fine. I use it on long weekends away.

  rodriguez 19:16 12 Mar 2009

You could also unplug an existing Sky box (as long it's not Sky+ or Sky HD as these need 2 cables from the dish) and use that in your caravan with your normal viewing card still inserted instead of the FTA receiver. It won't recognise that you've relocated the box and will be fine for a few days or a week.

  Bingalau 20:32 12 Mar 2009

rodriguez. It just so happens that I am in possession of a Sky box and am upgrading next week to Skyplus at home. So the old receiver will do? Is that what you are saying? What happens after the end of the week?

I have also heard that a viewing card for caravans/motorhomes can be bought for £20 from Sky. Does anybody know about this? In other words can I use the receiver with a £20 card bought from Sky and if so for how long?

  tullie 20:42 12 Mar 2009

I havent had a phoneline connection to Sky for a couple of years.

  Bingalau 21:07 12 Mar 2009

tullie. Neither have I, but then again I have never moved or attempted to move the card to another receiver.

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