Sat Nav "causes" Fatal Crash

  morddwyd 07:46 04 Feb 2011

A father says the sat nav sent him through an prohibited right turn into a crash which killed his daughter, even though the prohibition was well signed.

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What next, blaming the sat nav because it didn't tell you the lights were red?

  wiz-king 08:07 04 Feb 2011

Perhaps the satnav had a womans voice and sounded like his wife, joking aside, verbal instructions may be more likely to be obeyed instantly than having to translate signs.

  namtas 08:39 04 Feb 2011

I really think that jokes about this are in bad taste, even when followed up with a apology. The sad fact is that a young child died because of a dreadful human error.

  michaelw 08:47 04 Feb 2011

One of the problems with our age of technology is that we tend towards relying on it too much. And when it lets us down tragic consequences can follow, as happened in this case. Of course the driver should have over-ruled the stupid directions of the satnav using common sense and he'll have to live with the fatal mistake for the rest of his life.

But why are satnavs so unreliable is so many cases?

  Quickbeam 08:48 04 Feb 2011

It seems that the mapping was out of date click here and updates that were available weren't bought, so I would say he's trying to blame everyone but himself to salve his conscience.

A lack of common sense always shows as the main contributing factor in these cases click here I do wonder if some people actually believe that their sat-navs are truly an auto pilot system.

  Quickbeam 08:56 04 Feb 2011

"Assistant Deputy Coroner Peter Watson was told that there was no evidence to suggest he had done anything wrong."
Illegal right turn causing a death and third party injury is no longer dangerous/ careless/ driving without undue care and attention?

It must surely be one of those.

  onthelimit 09:14 04 Feb 2011

Even if the satnav was wrong, I wonder why he turned across an approaching car (which it sounds as though is what he did).

  interzone55 09:23 04 Feb 2011

We have these stories almost every week.

Last week someone took a right turn into a church in Germany.

Before that we've had cases of people driving up hills and almost falling off cliffs, driving into rivers, through fields etc

I know from personal experience that I tend to follow my sat nav and double take if the instructions differ from the road, but road signs and tarmac always take presidence over following the sat nav through a field.

  Woolwell 10:22 04 Feb 2011

He was a learner driver. The qualified driver with him (his wife) should have noticed the sign too.

  ella33 10:36 04 Feb 2011

It sounds as if there should be a test using sat nav, so that people are learning how to drive with them instead of learning to drive and thinking the sat nav takes over, which seems to be the cause of many of the problems here.

This is the worst story that I have heard and suggest that nobody in the car knew how to follow road signs, either learner driver, or instructor (wife)

It is a while since I drove, I used to be an amazing map reader, until sat navs took over butthe reason I say this is because I was sure there was a law about children being in the car with a learner driver? I would know if I was driving of course but out with family, learning to drive and using sat nav was sadly as wrong as it sounds.

  Chegs ®™ 10:49 04 Feb 2011

I got so used to ignoring the directions from a friends satnav(take the next left[no left turn in sight]streetview showing my car in the field beside the road,etc etc)that I now regularly get lost when using my own satnav as invariably it tells me to make a turn when the signage tells me a turn is illegal.I update my own satnav via the PC regularly,yet it still doesn't recognise streets created within the last 3 or 4 years(I have it in the car on map view whilst doing pizza deliveries locally)My satnav also tries to confuse me telling me to turn right then left when the road merely curves right then left which is why I ignore it so often.I have also noticed it seems to "test" its voice still works if I stray from the route & cause it to calculate a new route as the instant it has a new route plotted,it will say "turn right then left" even on a motorway.Fortunately for me,I still carry a road map and both myself & my partner can read a map.

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