Sasser virus creator gets 21 months

  pj123 10:57 09 Jul 2005

Sven Jaschan (19) was, yesterday, found guilty of computer sabotage and illegally altering data.

He was given a suspended sentence of one year and nine months.

  Pooke 11:08 09 Jul 2005

It was on the news section of PCA. He deserves a bit more punnishment, I think, but maybe he didn't realise the implications of what he was doing? He was classed as minor at the time.

I think the boy must be very talented indeed and if he was given an opportunity to put his skills to constructive use rather than destructive, he might contribute to society in a good way.


  Forum Editor 11:42 09 Jul 2005

He now works for a German security software company called Securepoint.

  stalion 13:14 09 Jul 2005

does not send out the correct message though does it, cause havoc on the internet and cost people a lot of time and expense getting rid of this type of virus and you will get a good job!!!

  mbp 14:34 09 Jul 2005

One way to advertise your CV to the World and show your true talent. But he must be watched because he has a Kink!

  Forum Editor 15:49 09 Jul 2005

I would have been on the phone to this man like a flash. His talent is obviously worth exploiting, and I'm not at all surprised that he was snapped up like this.

He was 17 when he wrote the Sasser virus, and no doubt like most 17 year-olds he lacked the judgment that would have stopped him a few years down the line. He made a big mistake, and plenty of people paid dearly as a consequence, but nobody was physically harmed, and Sasser fixes were rapidly deployed - that fact is that millions of people didn't apply those fixes when they had the opportunity.

Sven Jaschan got a good job because of his obvious talent. I'm quite sure that his experiences over the past two years are going to be enough to prevent him from ever straying again, and the software security business has gained a valuable asset.

  pj123 16:45 09 Jul 2005

Agree with the FE. I just wish I had his talent a long time ago when I was messing about with the Sinclair Z81? I could have been another Bill Gates or Steve Jobs by now????

  Pooke 18:20 09 Jul 2005

You're spot on with this one. And I am glad he's got a chance to do good things with his skills.

Stalion everyone deserves a second chance, and as the lad was only 17 at the time I have no doubt he will have learned a big lesson from his mistakes.


  stalion 20:56 09 Jul 2005

he is not the first and will not be the last and I have not directed my post directly at anyone person it is an overall assessment of an ongoing situation

  pj123 12:59 10 Jul 2005

Enough said. Thanks.


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