Sethhaniel 12:35 24 Nov 2006

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An MP is calling for a toll on motorists travelling between Scotland and England.
Andrew MacKinlay, MP for Thurrock in Essex, said drivers could pay £1.50 to cross from north of the border.

  facepaint 12:44 24 Nov 2006

£1.50 entry cost into the big southern zoo is very reasonable,I think.

  Sapins 13:00 24 Nov 2006

We should re-build Hadrian's wall, this would keep the Scots were they belong and would also solve the unemployment problem in England, when this is completed we could build a new wall round Wales, then we could get on with our own lives unhindered by the lopsided legislation now being spread to our detriment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:09 24 Nov 2006

Rather than the waste of money on the forthcoming Olympic fiasco we would have been better sticking an extra 10 feet on Hadrians' Wall. The man was a prophet ;-))


  anskyber 13:15 24 Nov 2006

Excellent idea, make the Scots pay for coming into England. This thread will not last.

As a Cornishman it was irritating to have to pay to leave Cornwall whist entry was free!

  facepaint 13:27 24 Nov 2006

I love the English 'vision'.

Charge the Celts for entry.
Gratis for the rest of the whole world to enter and then let them rule.
Don't forget it is the Jocks who run this country.

Cornishman ...who?What?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:28 24 Nov 2006

'Don't forget it is the Jocks who run this country.'...indeed, we would be in a right pickle if there wee no shelf fillers/stackers in Tescos'. :-))))))))


  facepaint 13:36 24 Nov 2006

Did'nt you all wake up one day to see that it was the
Horse of Dunedin packed with the PM and his cabinet members?You were all too busy looking out towards your foreign friends.

Don't blame anyone but yourselves; cry babies.

  facepaint 13:39 24 Nov 2006

Yes, I meant Horse as in Troy.I know some need to be hand fed.

  Cannuck 13:50 24 Nov 2006

As a "foreigner" from the Colonies, I find this thread is full of blatant racism.

Surprised the FE hasn't stepped in.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:51 24 Nov 2006

How did your humour by-pass operation go? :-))


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