Santas 'ho ho ho' could be offensive

  bowman 16:36 15 Nov 2007

What ever next???

click here

Sorry if this has been posted before.

  ventanas 16:51 15 Nov 2007

Al I can say is Hee Hee Hee !!!!!!!!!!!!

  lisa02 17:22 15 Nov 2007

I wondered when this would happen.

*not surprised at all*

  Earthsea 17:39 15 Nov 2007

Be careful, 'hee' sounds like 'he', which some people might see as sexual discrimination.

  Totally-braindead 17:42 15 Nov 2007

The mind boggles. Where will this sort of thing stop?
Maybe they should ban Santa completely as he is a stranger and kids are not meant to speak to strangers.
Maybe we should cancel Christmas in this country as it might be offensive to Moslems as its a Christian festival after all.
These people that think up this sort of nonsense are just going to ruin Christmas for the kids. What will they think when Santa says Ha, ha ,ha?
They'll ask whats going on as hes meant to say Ho, ho, ho. Anyone want to explain to a child that its been banned because.....

  Blackhat 17:57 15 Nov 2007

When I was a kid Santa was Santa and we all enjoyed visiting him in the local grotto.

With all the PC stuff these days I cannot understand how we are still allowed to have a stranger, in disguise, inviting young boys and girls to sit on his lap and be cuddled.

I am not objecting to it myself but looking at the current trend in PC it would seem that this sort of behavior would no longer be allowed.

If we take PC seriously then we would loose too many of the cultural and historic festivities that we are still allowed to enjoy.

  Legolas 18:01 15 Nov 2007

No I think it is quite justified because Ho Ho Ho sounds exactly the same as Hoe Hoe Hoe and the shock of a large red robed white bearded person telling me to go do some gardening in the middle of winter is enough to give me a heart attack ;)

  bowman 19:41 15 Nov 2007

'Ho'is Americian slang for a prostitute?

Just think, all those Americian Santas have only ever recieved

He came down my chimmeny saying 'ho ho ho'for my children and no doubt will continue to do so too there children......never have been that PC anyway.


  bowman 19:44 15 Nov 2007

OOps! should read............continue to do so for there children.

  Strawballs 22:27 15 Nov 2007

My wife worked in a sant's grotto a few years back and the reason that the Santa has to wear white gloves is so that his hands can be seen easier.

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