San Andreas mod

  Kate B 14:54 22 Jul 2005

And geeks and modders shall inherit the earth, or at least shall gain kudos from gamers:

click here

  Pooke 18:43 22 Jul 2005

The company deserves what it gets for hiding the sex scenes. Why on earth would they do it? Not that the scenes would bother me, it's the fact that it's now costing them dearly...

  Forum Editor 19:25 22 Jul 2005

Excuse me while I wander down memory lane for a moment, and recall the furore that accompanied the announcement that Penguin books wanted (in 1960)to publish an unexpurgate version of Lady Chatterley's lover. The book had been banned in Britain since its publication in Italy in 1928, and there was a highly charged court case, as a result of which Penguin won the right to publish.

At one point during his closing adress counsel for the prosecution asked the jury that famous question "Is it a book you would wish your wife or servants to read?"

If I'm any judge young people today will do as young people did then - get hold of the sex scenes if they want to, and leave them alone if they don't. I see lots of computers that are used by young people, and I see plenty of evidence of their internet activities - I don't think we need to make an undue fuss about a few computer-generated sex-scenes in a game.

  VoG II 21:38 22 Jul 2005

There is an Easter Egg as well click here

  Pooke 22:11 22 Jul 2005

Their biggest market is teens, so they include and hide the sex scenes, why? if they had been open about the scenes it would have gotten the rating is has now AO. Now they are back tracking..........what was the point?

"Sex scenes in a computer game? Shocking!" no not at all FE not by todays standards anyway but the company made a big blunder and now they are paying. Or it just a case of Mrs Clinton being a prude? No cigar scenes was there?

  Pooke 22:13 22 Jul 2005

I should add that two of my favourite games is leisure suit larry, magna cum laude and singles 2.

  Kate B 17:08 23 Jul 2005

I'm with the FE on this one. I think it's quite funny that this furore has blown up and I suspect it's quite a clever piece of viral marketing - one games site was alleging that Rockstar had leaked the patch to a favoured hacker.

My only concern is the leaping-on-high-moral-horses stuff that goes on around it. I can't stand the American approach to censoring first and asking questions later.

Pooke, those games look hilarious.

  Forum Editor 17:39 23 Jul 2005

that Hilary Clinton may be starting out on what will be a long and carefully orchestrated journey, and her involvement in this is a part of all that.

  Pooke 19:35 23 Jul 2005

They are Kate B, larry is superb soo soo funny. The chat up lines and the characters are great, best bit it's on offer in GAME at £9.99 at the moment. I've had the game a few months now my missus has completed it and I haven't as of yet, I keep getting side tracked by some of the various missions and the naked line dancing (oh yeah).

Singles 2 I only got that a few days ago really difficult and really rude!


  Kate B 00:56 24 Jul 2005

Several of the game sites seem to have taken the mod down - I had to hunt around for it, have just found it and installed it. Too late to start playing now but I'll let you know what it's like.

  Jdoki 12:16 25 Jul 2005

Here we have a game where the sole intention is for the player to act as a criminal... Killing policemen, maiming civilians, stealing, drugs, prostitution... yet when it's revealed that there's a sub game, which was never completed, requires a lot of effort to unlock, which shows consensual sex between the character (fully clothed) and his girlfriend in a game already rated as Mature (in the US and 18 in the UK)... all of a sudden it becomes evil...

How typically American!

I believe the ratings board in the UK have already stated that the game carries an 18 cert over here so no action will be taken.

It is also amusing to note that the XBox version of the game went to No.1 in the US games chart shortly after this hack was announced.

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