Same store group different prices

  pj123 22:07 05 Jul 2004

Looking for a new printer. Like the look of the Epson R200. In Dixons £85 in PC World £100. Quite a difference for two stores within the same group. Dixons got a 3 star rating and PCW got a 2 star rating. Unfortunately, I (personally) wouldn't buy anything from either.

  ed-o 22:17 05 Jul 2004

Perhaps all the stores are linked to a central server that dictates the price in all stores. Run by a pc world technician.:-)

But I did give the coupon in this months advisor to a friend. They went to PC world and got 30% off a 60 gig hard drive and it works.

  Djohn 23:00 05 Jul 2004

I know you have a thing about PC World Pete but you are missing out on some good service from our local store.

I shop there quite a bit and have always found them very helpful and polite. Just over four weeks back I popped in and bought a set of 2.1 speakers at £69.99 but after listening to them for four weeks decided they were not right for me.

I phoned their national customer help-line and enquired if there was the slightest chance of changing them [14 days for returns] "I'll just check with your local store sir" was the reply, he was back on-line in a couple of minutes to say it was OK to take them back for exchange or full refund and the store would be waiting for me to arrive.

Just go to the customer service desk and one of the staff will carry them in for you, (They are aware of the fact I can't carry heavy items. I arrived at the store within 15 minutes and sure enough they had been informed I was coming in for an exchange or refund. Can't ask for better service than that.

  pj123 23:22 05 Jul 2004

Hi John. Yes, I can understand what you are saying, but for every one person (like you) who are happy with the service there are nine others who aren't. The point was why should there be a £15 difference in the price of the same printer from two stores that come under the same umbrella? In other words should I buy it from Dixons at £85 or PCW at £100, both of whom belong to the DSG group, and do I tell PCW that I am not buying from them because their sister store is selling it £15 cheaper?

  Djohn 23:29 05 Jul 2004

Yes, sorry about not answering that point Pete, its a good one and I don't know why the price should be that much different within the same group.

I do know they will price match to the lower price but thats not much use either unless you are aware of the cheaper offer. :o(

  sicknote 00:15 06 Jul 2004

Just to confuse the issue some more if you buy that printer by internet order from Here PC world business internet order for £74 + 9.95 DEL + VAT =£98.64 click here=(42451)&shop=PCWBD&userid=

Then if you Pc World internet order here £109.98 click here

Then Dixons internet order £90.98 click here

That's 3 more different prices for the same item,none of this makes sense

  Forum Editor 00:26 06 Jul 2004

crops up quite often, and it's explained by the fact that although Dixons and PC World (and Currys) are all part of the same group they are separate, self-accounting companies, and set their own pricing policies. This isn't unusual - many large trading groups consist of smaller, self-accounting units. Each company within a group publishes its own set of trading accounts, and has its own board of directors etc.

As a customer it's best to treat them as separate companies, and buy from whichever happens to offer the best deal at the time. It's pointless trying to play one off against the other on prices because there's nothing the individual managements can do about it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:37 06 Jul 2004

Why worry? Buy the cheapest.


  Cook2 00:38 06 Jul 2004

Won't be long before PC World advertise that it's been reduced by £15, Special Offer, having been sold at the higher price for the last 26 weeks (or whatever it is now). It will make it appear a bargain and people will feel quite happy with the, apparent, bargain.

  spuds 11:14 06 Jul 2004

For a price match, speak to the manager. Sometimes they will give 'Managers Discount'.

  pj123 16:58 06 Jul 2004

OK, here's another angle. If I walk in to my local PC World store (5 minutes away) I will pay £59.99 for an Epson C44UX. If I order it on the internet (from the same store) and wait 3 to 5 days for delivery it is £39.92. How do they justify that? Why would I want to order it on the internet when the store is that close to where I live? They then want to charge £9.99 for a 1.8m USB cable which I can get for £1 from an independent PC shop. No wonder I don't shop at PC World.

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