The same old story

  ened 16:30 13 Jul 2009

If you are being harrassed or threatened very often the police will say there is nothing they can do until a crime is perpetrated.

The house we are living in had been empty for nearly two years and a female had used it to obtain credit. So when we moved in last November we had to sort out Debt Collection agencies and Bailiffs. Finally I managed to find out who the debt was with and they stopped the harrassment.

Now it transpires she is using this address for registration of vehicles and whatever. I contacted the police who claim they are powerless.

I was told that even if she were arrested and gave this address they would not necessarily check it out unless she skipped bail in which case we would have some heavy-handed coppers coming a'calling.

I have been told that I must contact every individual agency who writes, but that they (Especially Debt Collectors) won't believe me.

There has to be something wrong with a system which allows her to get away with so much. Surely she is committing criminal offences?

  TopCat® 16:50 13 Jul 2009

the appropriate people, such as the local electoral register, driver licensing and various insurance agencies. Could be some of them are still showing the previous occupant is at that address. TC.

  ened 17:00 13 Jul 2009

My Father bought this house many years ago (approx 25) and no one else has lived here in that time.

I am only guessing but think this girl has sussed out the property was empty.

It is not the end of the world but a nuisance and we don't know what to expect next.

  crosstrainer 17:27 13 Jul 2009

Contact your local town hall, and check the electoral role. Then phone these pest's and explain.

It's not something I have had the misfortune of suffering, but have friends who have had similar problems...

  TopCat® 17:37 13 Jul 2009

All I can suggest is that if any further letters come headed with that person's name, then send it back unopened with 'Not at this address since 20??' on the front.

Taking all that you've done into consideration, it's now up to the creditors to resolve the problem and, with the correct legal advice, I think you may threaten to sue them for this unnecessary harassment.

Good luck, ened, and I hope your problem gets resolved very soon. TC.

  ened 18:18 13 Jul 2009

I think we have sorted the current batch of creditors but to find she has given this address to the police was a bolt out of the blue.

It seems strange to me that nobody is really interested in bringing this girl forward to answer for her behaviour.

Wouldn't you think the police would be interested or are they too busy meeting easy to meet quotas, without following a wild trail like this.

I was even told that after several occurences they might (only might) attach a note to her file.

  crosstrainer 18:52 13 Jul 2009

It would be nice to think that the police could (And should) deal with this type of thing.

Sadly, they have rather well worn phrase "In the Public Interest"

This is why this woman is getting away with Lord knows what, and why the majority of us who are honest suffer as a consequence.

  lotvic 20:09 13 Jul 2009

Was the DVLA no help in this?

As for credit/money my best suggestion is look at your credit reports from Experian and Equifax just to make sure that no financial link has been made. If there is a 'financial link' noted you can ask them to remove that link. (info as per forum) click here

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