Saffer on our streets than some thought?

  Cymro. 12:20 17 Jul 2008

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As you will see from this news item on the BBC website things are not as bad as some of the Tory press would have us believe. Granted that you can prove much of anything you like with statistics but I have always thought the BBC to be more accurate and impartial than some. Perhaps Tonny Blair was right after all when he said "hard on crime, hard on the causes of crime".

  Stuartli 12:31 17 Jul 2008

>>Granted that you can prove much of anything you like with statistics >>

Precisely. Many minor crimes particularly are not even reported, never mind recorded, as victims feel that nothing will be done.

  birdface 12:33 17 Jul 2008

Same old story.Crime figures down again.nothing to do with folk staying at home because it is not safe in the streets especially at night time.The prime minister even came out with the comment that we are not safe at home[or we are not safe when we leave home]this was said at the weekend and cannot remember the exact comment.

  last starfighter 12:40 17 Jul 2008

I dont belive one word of it!!!
Ive got friends all over the UK & when we are online chatting or on the phone nearly all of them talk about someone getting robbed or stabbed..its a plague thats in our countries veins

Next youll here "Unemployment down"...haha

  spuds 13:01 17 Jul 2008

Once again, the good old statistics is proving its worth. And once again the statisticians and government are predicting far better things percentage wise. Its about time a reality check was incorporated in the agenda.

Would I venture in the town centre during the day, yes no problems. But would I venture there in the evening or early mornings, I think not, unless I was 20 years younger. I do not know much about other areas, but in our location, there as been an increase of violence on innocent people just going about their daily activities. People on late shift work seem the most vulnerable at the present. This usually results in the poorly paid, walking home after a perhaps 12 hour shift, only to be confronted by a group of mindless thugs.Even travelling on late night buses, seem to have a point of feeling insecurety.

If things are improving, why is it that a police officers first words of warning are usually " Leave your hands where I can see them". And a stab-proof vest is a better investment that the clip-on tie!.

  wiz-king 13:05 17 Jul 2008

I thought you were talking about Saffers! Could not find the connection.

  smartpoly 13:45 17 Jul 2008

The answer is in the headline. ‘Recorded’. What is missing is the un-recorded crime.

  birdface 13:55 17 Jul 2008

Update .[I should have said,We don't feel safe at home.]Now this is their response times for emergency calls.Within 3 hours.Burglaries within 3 days.Heaven help us if the Fire Brigade had the same response here

  wee eddie 18:27 17 Jul 2008

They've lost some of them, that's what!

  oresome 18:35 17 Jul 2008

Perception of crime is higher than the reality, particularly amongst older people.

That said, the methodology of reporting crimes has changed over the years making comparisons next to useless.

  Stuartli 01:05 18 Jul 2008

OK, I'll put it another way with regard to statistics.

The Government, using its preferred method, informs us that inflation is now 3.8 per cent and is likely to rise a little more in the coming months.

You and I, however, and the rest of the people who live in the real world know that an inflation figure of 3.8 per cent is a complete fantasy.

Even the loaf of bread I buy three times a week has gone up from just over a pound to £1.17 and then £1.29 at Tesco in the last three or four months; even before the latest increase it was £1.32 at the local Spar shop.

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