Safely feeding the children.

  dagnammit 12:20 17 Aug 2009

School has banned the usual suspects (just receieved a reminder letter before term starts) such as soft drinks, chocolate, crisps and anything else under the unhealthy & allergy risk banner so what to give them?

Sliced meats in sandwiches? Not so according to click here

Cheese is apparently bad too, so is Tuna at a limit of one portion per month click here

Eggs? No, adults recommended intake is 2 or 3 per week. Giving eggs if kids eat yogurt is bad. click here

The only viable option I can see is salad leaves & raw veg such as carrot & celery sticks every day. Tasty. I'd feel sorry for the kids, that is, if I listened to all the mumbo jumbo these places churn out.

Everything in moderation.

  Colin 12:57 17 Aug 2009

"convincing evidence" - you can find convincing evidence to support any argument. As dagnammit says, everything in moderation.

  Stuartli 14:30 17 Aug 2009

I've drank, smoked, gone out with women and eaten food in many parts of the world for a large part of my existence and, if we are to believe all this nonsense, I'll never reach three score years and 10.

Only less than a year to go, but I'm fighting fit; in fact I've only been to see the quack four, perhaps five times (minor ailments) since I got married just short of 49 years ago...:-)

  Picklefactory 14:41 17 Aug 2009

I find I can do it quite safely if I don't get too close and snatch my fingers back quickly :o)

  lofty29 14:43 17 Aug 2009

You will these days find an organisation wanting to ban something that someone gets some pleasure out of, the oldest man in the UK, who died recently, said that he attributed his long life(100+) to cigarettes, and whisky, and wild wild women.

  Grey Goo 18:51 17 Aug 2009

By my calculations you were married at 20. However you claim to have been a Global womaniser for a large part of your life.

  Armchair 18:58 17 Aug 2009

The oldies always say that (well, the women never mention wild wild men, but......)! They reckon now that beer in moderation strengthens your bones, too.

Whether a particular foodstuff/beverage is good or bad for you seems to change week in, week out.

  Forum Editor 19:00 17 Aug 2009

and the occasional huge feast of meat.

Our bodies are still configured to deal with that diet, and it's a triumph of adaptability that they'll function on the mixture of stuff that we shove down our throats nowadays.

The truth is that in the developed nations we're living longer now, and are healthier than at any time in the history of the human race, so let's not get too worried about what we eat. The problem isn't what we eat, so much as the amount - we're over-feeding our children, and a large part of the excess consists of fats and sugars.

  wiz-king 19:05 17 Aug 2009

Especially, if like me, you are allergic to cheese, watching some of the TV cookery programs some days I cant eat anything on their menus. Even more than a very small amount of yogurt can cause problems :-(

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:33 17 Aug 2009

Why am I not dead?

All the "healthy" things my partner has me eating seem to be bad for me!

  laurie53 20:37 17 Aug 2009

I wonder why this has suddenly come to the fore?

Dietitians and doctors have been warning about the dangers of sodium nitrite, used in nearly all processed meats, for at least ten years, probably longer.

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