Safari So Goody?

  silverous 19:03 20 Mar 2008

I noticed that the Apple updater that came with iTunes popped up today to tell me that Safari is available for Windows. Anyone tried it? They claim it is considerably faster than other browsers.

If I install it does it take over my PC and turn me into an Apple convert or can it happily co-exist alongside its boring PC counterparts?

  pchelper001 19:54 20 Mar 2008

safari is a heck of a lot better at loading web pages, it is faster, they look cleaner etc...

as far as i vista laptop hasnt yet turned into a mac!

It happily co-exists with ie and firefox for me.

Give it a go..


  rdave13 19:59 20 Mar 2008

It's ok. Better colours with the graphics and loads pages fast. No phishing filter though. Prefer IE7.

  laurie53 20:05 20 Mar 2008

My word. If IE7 is better than Safari must be pretty poor!

  silverous 22:41 20 Mar 2008

Just using it now, it feels like someone has turbo-charged my internet connection. How can it be so quick?! I like the fact it presents basically a great big page without all the guff.

V. impressed so far but had to tone down the font smoothing - made everything look a bit odd to me.

  DANZIG 23:55 20 Mar 2008

Got a link anyone?

I'm currently using Firefox as I think its a damn sight better than IE, and the comments made about this Safari thing sound great!

  Kemistri 00:02 21 Mar 2008

Anecdotally, there seem to be quite a few Mac users who don't rate their version of Safari, citing bugs, crashes and a lack of features.

And why would anyone need another choice of Windows browser? There are more than enough already, two of which are actually very good.

I suppose I could use it for testing purposes, but that assumes that the Windows version will consistently provide the same output, with the exact same bugs. Which I doubt will be the case.

  DANZIG 00:34 21 Mar 2008

Just downloaded it now - looks shiny!

Seems to work pretty quick as well.

Not bad for nowt!

  rdave13 01:19 21 Mar 2008

I was impressed at first but after looking at the gloss there is nothing underneath. Opera and IE7 are better for me.

  Mike D 07:53 21 Mar 2008

Been using it on and off for a couple of months now. On the whole I like it. It is fast, but one minor irritant is that my foward and backwards buttons on my mouse won't work with it.

  interzone55 09:22 21 Mar 2008

I tried Safari when it was first launch on Windows last year, I didn't rate it at all so uninstalled it quickly.

It would have to be damn good to take me away from Firefox

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