Saddam's death sentence

  Kate B 22:17 05 Nov 2006

I am feeling very ambivalent about his death sentence. Part of me feels that the world will be a better place without him, but part of me feels that it is vengeful and was a foregone conclusion. Also, I don't support the death sentence: I find it hard to view the death sentence as anything other than reducing the executioners to the level of the killer.

Saddam was clearly a monster. But would justice not be served by locking him up for the rest of his natural life? I also fear that the hand of the US will be perceived to have been at work in the sentence, whether or not that's the case. Bush is facing a rout in the mid-term elections, the US has failed to rebuild Iraq and people are dying violently there every day, both Iraqi and American - the execution of Saddam could be intepreted as a very cynical ploy to improve Bush's approval ratings. I could be wrong on that but I can see that being a perception.

What do you think?

  hijo 22:49 05 Nov 2006

hi kate i know through knowing people over there in iraq that theres a lot going on that we dont see or know about,same goes for saddam there will be much we dont see that hes done or nodded his head to only what the media show us,families killed torn apart rapes ect this stuff is stuff that you would expect happened in the victorian times not today or back in the 90's is hardly history i belive for the sorrow of the familes that he had killed tortured or just devastated he should be hanged as we say over here "what goes around comes around" not to mention the kuwait oil fields he made a mess of causing how much pollution in the 90's & how much money has this guy cost us the tax payers...? hundreds of millions "i think not" more like billions,he tortured his own people,to be a leader is a serious responsibility of which he made a mock up of,i suppose unless uve realy been to see whats going on over there we can only rely on the media,if his appeal is won & hes only given life in prison then i think thats terrible,i hope the guy gets the rope or as he said he wanted the "firing squad"..let him have it get rid of him.i just cant belive he's got people STILL following him....omg

  anskyber 22:55 05 Nov 2006

I am not quite sure what will be achieved by his execution. Revenge, certainly. Political capital for some, maybe. He was clearly responsible for the deaths of so many people and often in a quite barbaric manner. Setting aside the events which led to his overthrow how will justice be best served? Will his execution lead to martyrdom?

One thing I am clear about it will not make the slightest difference to the future of Iraq or its people in any significant manner. To a degree the trial has become a sideshow to the main event, albeit I am sure the execution will be of keen interest to the Iraqi people.

Oddly, keeping him alive as a symbol of a "united" Iraq may be of greater benefit than closing that door and pushing open yet more the door of factionalism, if its not already too late.

The above does not answer your question Kate. My position is clear, I have never supported the death sentence, I realise in holding that view I am in the minority. If this thread is allowed to run (it is close to the bone) I fully expect the "hang em and flog em" brigade to be out in force and my thoughts drowned out in a tide of indignation.

I think there are good arguements for keeping him alive and locked away for the remainder of his life, a martyr we do not need. When we deal with very intelligent but mad people such a he the greatest punishment which could be inflicted on him is to take him away and starve him of the very thing he craves, attention, for the rest of his life.

  Kate B 22:56 05 Nov 2006

Great post, anskyber - thoughtful and articulate - and clearly you're as ambivalent about it as I am. There are no answers, are there?

  anskyber 22:58 05 Nov 2006

No, there are not Kate. For me we must be driven by things which bring peace and balance to Iraq. Or is it too late?

  Cannuck 22:58 05 Nov 2006

I believe in the death penalty when there is absolute proof, beyond a doubt, that the killer is guilty, as Saddam seems to be.
Ask the relatives of his victims of his mass murders how they feel about him rotting in some jail cell for the rest of his life, (which I am sure wouldn't be as cushy as a GB prison). Or would they want him strung up ASAP. From what I can see, it's the latter.
As for George Bush, I think that this could be the worst thing can happen to him, as I am sure that Saddam's followers are not going to take this lying down, and many more American soldiers will die, putting Bush's popularity further down the scale.
I am a supporter of the death penalty, for murderers like Ian Huntley. When I hear of other murderers etc, getting out of jail after serving half their sentence, only to re-commit the same crime, if they had had the death penalty, then some innocent would not have had to die.
I believe in an eye for an eye

  rodriguez 23:12 05 Nov 2006

Giving him the death sentence will just allow him to die and end his misery. Life in a filthy jail where he suffered would be more sufficient. Killing him won't allow him to suffer, he'll be gone in minutes (or maybe a bit longer it depends how they do it) - he caused the suffering of a lot of people so the bastard needs to suffer himself.

  Blackhat 23:28 05 Nov 2006

I wonder how many of the judges/prosecuters will be assasinated before Saddam dies?

  chocolate cake 23:45 05 Nov 2006

Honestly; can anyone put their hands up and say that you expected another outcome?

Personally I would like him to have been kept, as Rudolf Hess was, in virtual solitary confinement for the rest of his days.

  Forum Editor 23:48 05 Nov 2006

have said, and for once I have nothing to add.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:58 05 Nov 2006

One word.....Pinochet.



ps..expect an upsurge in the violence and deaths

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