Saddam has less than 31 days

  Birt Ley 18:23 26 Dec 2006

Saddam Hussein has lost his appeal. He is to be hung in 30 days or less. click here

Should this happen, should he be sentenced to life or was the sentence wrong in the first place?

  sunny staines 18:51 26 Dec 2006

hussain will hang for his crimes. What about Mugabe in Zimbabwe all the death & misery he is causing the UN has done nothing, the UK did nothing too.

The UN should be a strong force and have the power to intervene in countries run by despots where mass killings take place.

  The Brigadier 19:17 26 Dec 2006

The question that has not been answered is how long will it take before it is shown on TV or the net? Because some in Iraq will not believe it until they see it for themselves. I however really do hope it is NOT shown on British TV.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:25 26 Dec 2006

There will be many more deaths shortly before and when he is hanged. If I had relatives serving in Iraq I would be a very, very worried person. At times I think that people can be incredibly stupid, gormless and short sighted.


  The Brigadier 19:58 26 Dec 2006

The day Saddam is hanged will result in the deaths of many in Iraq & most will be innocent victims of the bombings & murders. It will only trigger more violence. But those in Iraq & in some other countries want the ultimate justice to be given to the quilty man.

  namtas 20:06 26 Dec 2006

I believe that he will become a Martyr if he is removed and the unrest will continue for years to come. The whole Iraq nightmare continues. It will go down as one of the most ill thought out actions taken in recent times. It beggars belief that the most powerful nation in the World entered a war and did not have an exit strategy. As far as the Question is concerned a quiet removal after location should have been the order. In this case, forget trials and live in the real world.

  Al94 20:12 26 Dec 2006

Sadly the UN is largely impotent and Bush & Blair have caused as many problems as they have solved (maybe more)He will be a martyr and countless more will die when he is hanged. We should never have got to this stage, his elimination should have been part of the strategy which never existed. The great USA ( and the lapdog) has a bloody nose on this one, not for the first time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:30 26 Dec 2006

'The day Saddam is hanged will result in the deaths of many in Iraq & most will be innocent victims of the bombings & murders.' forgot to mention British soldiers as well. Really clever idea to hang him.


  hijo 20:38 26 Dec 2006

"Sunny Staines" your right there m8 Mugabe in Zimbabwe is equaly as bad if not worse,i have african friends who have told me about his corruption & his "POLL" fixing he should be brought to justice....sadam should be given a fair trail & if hes got to hang then so be it...

  Birt Ley 20:47 26 Dec 2006

So are some of you saying he should have been executed / murdered on sight or taken away never to be seen again.

Would that be dragging the invading forces down to the perpetrators level and wouldn't the majority of the Iraqi people want to see a body?

If the sentence was commuted to life would that make him less of a martyr. Would that not prolong the violence while he is still alive.

  Al94 20:58 26 Dec 2006

I think ou can engineer a killing and still display a body - if you live by the sword, expect to die by the sword.

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