Saddam to hang at dawn

  hijo 02:41 30 Dec 2006

yep they decided he must be hanged @ dawn,for many mmbers of this forum i would of thought it would be done by the time you read this post,this might cause a lot of suicde bombings ect,i personaly didnt think they would do it,i thought he would got life in prison.
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  rodriguez 03:13 30 Dec 2006

For me, I've just come in from the pub, made a playlist up with Enya, Sacred Spirit, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone and a load of other chillout ones then leave it playing while I fall asleep. Then I'll worry about Saddam in the morning. :-)

  hijo 04:03 30 Dec 2006

rodriguez,thats the way to do it m8,Chill CHill Chill,nighty night

  €dstowe 07:05 30 Dec 2006

The deed is done click here

  Apron 07:17 30 Dec 2006

knew of course that I would wake to this news.
Not in my name, as we used to say in the bad old days. I know that he was wicked, but I suspect that what the world craved was retribution ,not justice. We don't do that here, and the Government should have had the courage to condemn it there. Bad birth for a new democracy.

  Forum Editor 08:19 30 Dec 2006

I think that perhaps if you spent some time in Iraq, and spoke to the people who lived under the previous regime you might perhaps come away with a slightly different viewpoint on this specific execution.

I'm not about to change my general view on capital punishment - I disagree with it - but I'm prepared to accept that the Iraqi government has the right to self-determination when it comes to internal affairs and their judicial system. They imposed this sentence, and they have carried it out. We may choose to disapprove of the principle of capital punishment, but on this one occasion think we would do well to ease up on the condemnation pedal. The country has enough problems on its plate without us condemning it for executing a ruthless psychopath.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:23 30 Dec 2006

Methinks I can hear the fan speeding up.


  Monoux 09:40 30 Dec 2006

Best get ready to duck then :o)

  anskyber 09:49 30 Dec 2006

It was always their choice, it's their country and that's sometimes overlooked. I do not agree with the death penalty even though for him my resolve was tested.

The real question is was it the right move for the Iraq nation? Time will tell but I fear the continuing slip into civil war will be accelerated as a result of the execution. The wider conflict being played out in Iraq has just been given the chance of a further boost for those who care very little about Iraq but follow their own distorted ideologies.

  Forum Editor 10:53 30 Dec 2006

will to a large extent depend on the Iraqi government's ability to win the trust of the people. If ordinary citizens feel they have a strong government, one that can stand on its own feet and handle internal national security issues, they'll support it. Otherwise there'll be a power vacuum, and militant extremists will fight to fill it.

We'll play a vital part in that process if we can help to maintain stability on the streets and train Iraqis to assume the role totally. It's a tense situation, and time isn't on our side - the work needs to be done rapidly; the longer it takes the worse the chances of ultimate success.

  sunny staines 10:54 30 Dec 2006

click here=

video of the hanging event, stops short of the the final act.

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