Sad news about a long established computer..

  Stuartli 16:25 11 Jun 2009

..magazine competitor:

click here

  anchor 16:33 11 Jun 2009

Not the first to go this year

click here

Hopefully PCA is not at risk.

  Autoschediastic 16:37 11 Jun 2009

ancchor "Hopefully PCA is not at risk"
No way jose!!
FE will maybe input us all but for the few years ive been using this website/magazine looking into what the company is i doubt it very much..

  Cymro. 17:22 11 Jun 2009

Perhaps people are getting more knowledgeable about computing and so don`t feel they need to buy such magazines these days. I don`t suppose this credit crunch has helped the buyers or the publishers.

  oresome 18:04 11 Jun 2009

It gave some indication of trends when the only nationwide dedicated PC retailer started selling TVs and camera quite some time ago.

Perhaps the drift towards laptops prevents any urge by the consumer to customise and delve into the inards?

  shellship 18:10 11 Jun 2009

Oi. I get three comp mags one of which is, of course, PCA. I may well stop the other two, but PCA, never. Hope all users of this forum buy the mag.

  Si_L 18:11 11 Jun 2009

Its all very well having a magazine with the headline: Windows 7 Your questions answered (example was taken from the mag on the left), but anything you need to know can be found on the internet, same goes for any kind of reviews, most, if not all of the software, the articles etc... there really is nothing on it that can't be obtained somewhere else for free.

  Stuartli 18:23 11 Jun 2009

The heavy mob from PCA's editorial department will be round later...:-)

  Forum Editor 19:08 11 Jun 2009

that many magazines are finding it tough going. The internet has changed the way that people access information, and a global recession is biting into disposable incomes in no uncertain terms.

Add to that the fact that computers, and the software that runs on them have generally become more sophisticated and reliable, and you can see that fewer people feel the need to tinker around under the bonnet - they don't need magazine articles about how to build a computer, or add a new graphics card quite so much as was the case say, five years ago.

That's life, and magazine publishers must find ways to appeal to a slightly different market, or face the inevitable. I'm sorry to see Personal Computer World go, it has been a familiar sight in the newsagents as far back as I can remember; there was a time when it was almost an inch thick with advertising.

I hope that we at PCA continue to meet the needs of today's readers - if we don't it certainly isn't for lack of trying. I'm not in the office all the time, but when I do call in I see a very dedicated and enthusiastic team - one that I'm proud to be associated with. We'll keep trying, and we hope you'll keep buying.

  Forum Editor 19:22 11 Jun 2009

"The heavy mob from PCA's editorial department......"

We're all as finely honed as Greyhounds, not a heavyweight in sight, and violence is anathema to us.

Mind you, I can give a nasty Chinese burn, and you don't want one of Matt Egan's dead legs.

  Armchair 19:29 11 Jun 2009

PCW was the very first computer magazine I bought. It was in late 1983, and I was thinking about buying a computer, mainly for gaming. I bought the wrong magazine! PCW had naff all in it about gaming. It was the beginning for me, though, and it did have a review of a game called Splat! in it, which influenced my choice of computer. I bought a Sinclair Spectrum 48k a few weeks later, and the rest is history.

Splat! turned out to be a good, addictive game, btw.......

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