The sad death of

  Zero G 08:37 11 Mar 2007

Welsh Rugby after loosing to that mighty Rugby nation Italy!
How Welsh Rugby has fallen since the 2005 winning side of the 6 Nations and the Grand Slam.
Whats gone wrong?

  wee eddie 08:49 11 Mar 2007

It's just the ebb and flow of Sport.

Italy has improved in leaps and bounds, since they had a chance to play in this International Competition,with improved tactics and the psychological boost that they know that they will, no necessarily be the underdogs.

  crosstrainer 08:52 11 Mar 2007

Well... could it be that Mike Ruddock...who I have to say was not my choice for manager, did have the right creds. for the job? Also Mr White did not do us any favours yesterday, in what was an old fashioned "beat up" match.

I was watching with the surround sound on, and I clearly heard him tell James Hook that he had time to go for the corner...this done, he then blew the whistle...hmmmmm.

  Zero G 11:51 11 Mar 2007

But should you have ever been in that situation in the 1st place?

  crosstrainer 12:02 11 Mar 2007

Quite frankly, no...but at least we could have salvaged a draw from a very hard game...instead we were lead to understand that we had time for the lineout...the tree points were there for Hook to take.

  Jackcoms 17:44 11 Mar 2007

It's only a game.

In the great scheme of things it's utterly irrelevant.

  laurie53 19:43 11 Mar 2007

Because of the amount of sponsorship, and the money involved, the whole team is under too much pressure and is overtrained.

I can remember Cliff Morgan once saying that when he played for Wales the coach was the bus you went Twickenham in!

Wales's greatest talent has always been making something out of nothing, rubbish ball being turned into magic by individual brilliance.

Now every play is a rehearsed set piece, and if it goes wrong you stop and start again.

They have forgotten the cardinal rules which every one used to learn at their father's knee

Never mind the ball, get on with the game
Never throw a punch from an offside position
Always retaliate first
The most important ball to heel from the scrum is the opposing scrum half's left one

  laurie53 19:45 11 Mar 2007

Sorry, that went before I could sign off


  Al94 19:52 11 Mar 2007

There are major questions to be asked in the sport as a whole, incidents like this click here will lead to a tragedy at some stage.

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