Sabotaged By Unexpected Doctors Visit

  Crosstrainer2 11:26 13 Sep 2011

I have spent most of the night, and this morning editing and recovering video and still photo work left over from my friend who passed recently.

It was on the old fashioned digital tape, so much filtering etc. was required to get an acceptable result. I finished the film which I will send a copies to his Daughter and Son, and then began grabbing stills from the movie clips.

I'd done about 40 or so when the bell rang....The Dreaded Doctor unannounced paying me a quick visit to check the legs.

Computer on, chair in front of it.......Caught red handed.

"You know you are not supposed to sit like that don't you" he said. I fobbed him off by saying I'd only just been doing a little. Thing is when you NEED the Doctor they won't come, then he arrives out of thin air.

Back to the editing :))

  birdface 12:24 13 Sep 2011


Wow what a service an unexpected visit from the Doctor.

I can't normally even get an appointment to go and see my Doctor.

I take it you must live north of the Border.

All I can say is the Doctor service South of the Border is terrible especially the Surgery that I use.

  Crosstrainer2 12:27 13 Sep 2011

So is mine normally, I have not seen them in ages, just email my prescription in every four weeks. I think it's because I have to take Morphine now, and they are duty bound to check on me.....I'm sure he didn't come by choice!

  spuds 12:33 13 Sep 2011

A doctor's home visit, what's one of those?.

  Aitchbee 19:43 13 Sep 2011

I received a letter from the council say that the local Fire & Rescue Initiative are doing Free Home Fire Safety Visits and will be in my area.Luckily, I had the choice of accepting or declining the offer.I know my house is a Hazzard.I don't need anybody to tell me that.

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