That's Alright Then

  laurie53 08:52 18 Oct 2008

Police no longer need to arrest people for having sex in public.

click here

As our arthritis is now a bit bad, do you think it would also be acceptable to ask them for a hand to get my wife back on her feet?

  Brumas 09:15 18 Oct 2008

ROTFL but I don't need any help 'getting up' just yet ;o)

  Brumas 09:17 18 Oct 2008

Forgot to add that I am disgusted by the link. Even if I am bursting to go to the toilet I would never ever use a public one in a park!!!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:39 18 Oct 2008

"Commenting on the report, shadow home secretary Mr Grieve said: "This is unacceptable. The law is the law and there should be no exceptions.""

Sometimes laws need to be challenged and changed, where appropriate, as society develops and changes over time.

  GRIDD 09:40 18 Oct 2008

ooooh I say.

It's never been safe in the woods after dark anyway. I can't see the problem for normal folk, like us, just don't go there...

Perhaps it'd be wise to have leaflet dispensers and posters up educating them about safe sex.

Incidentally isn't part of the excitement about being caught? If the only chance is a Police Officer handing you a safe sex leaflet, perhaps it just won't be as exciting and they'll go back indoors?

  DieSse 12:21 18 Oct 2008

"Plain-clothes officers should be avoided because they could be seen as an "agent provocateur", Mr Cunningham said."

Next time I see someone in plain clothes who looks as if they might be a police officer - I'll remember not to be provoked into having sex.

What a stupid, stupid comment by someone who plainly has no understanding of what words mean!

  rickf 13:45 18 Oct 2008

The morals of this country has gone down the toilet. Is it a wonder then other countries are laughing at us in private. The lowering of moral standards in this country because of the rise of PC has caused a general decline that is really quite astounding.

  bremner 13:56 18 Oct 2008

"Sometimes laws need to be challenged and changed, where appropriate, as society develops and changes over time."

Absolutely correct - by our elected representatives.

Not by liberal minded, social worker style police chiefs whose actual job is to enforce the laws of the land. This idiot police officer should be sacked immediately.

  Legolas 14:22 18 Oct 2008

Get a room

  Legolas 14:38 18 Oct 2008

Should that not have been "The morals of this country has gone down the public toilets" ;¬)

  canarieslover 15:05 18 Oct 2008

No more embarrassing situations for George Michael.

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