Ryanair to US for a couple of quid?

  newman35 18:29 02 Nov 2008

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I would be a bit sceptical of flying the Atlantic with them, bad enough to be 'stranded' in Paris by a cancelled flight and need to make your own way home - but across the pond?
Think I'll wait and see.

  Forum Editor 19:08 02 Nov 2008

but he might just pull it off. He'll need the oil price to stay low, and passenger volumes to be high. He'll get the volume but the oil price is another thing altogether - that will depend on demand for oil, and that will depend on how rapidly world economies recover.

The key to airline success is passenger volume, so we'll see. I would have no hesitation in flying across the Atlantic with Ryanair - it's just an ocean, and once an aircraft is airborne it's no more dangerous to fly for seven or eight hours than for two or three.

  dagbladet 19:23 02 Nov 2008


Why? What's the problem with Ryanair?

  interzone55 19:49 02 Nov 2008

"and once an aircraft is airborne it's no more dangerous to fly for seven or eight hours than for two or three."

Depends if you've got legs I suppose...

  newman35 20:21 02 Nov 2008

"What's the problem with Ryanair?"

Two words :- Customer Service.

See what happens if they decide your flight gets cancelled (particularly if you're 6000 miles from home). I still think I'll wait and see how it goes.

Forum Editor
I wasn't meaning 'falling out of the sky', I specifically said the event was a cancelled flight. On Europe flights I know I can drive/train home if needed, not so from across the 'big' water. Might be £8 to get there - but a full-fare ticket home, perhaps.
I have no hesitation 'in the air' - their fleet is newer than much of BA's ( but I do believe their pilots are 'pushed' harder than, say BA, in terms of work times etc).
But O'Leary has proved to be a brilliant operator, and showman, up to now. As long as you will risk the cancellation problems (which I do on numerous occassions!) then Ryanair is OK. But to US? Come back to me on that one.

  Bingalau 20:44 02 Nov 2008

newman35. I have a funny feeling that pilots flying hours are regulated by others. Not the specific airline. No doubt the FE will be enlightening us shortly about that.

  newman35 22:06 02 Nov 2008

I'm sure they are, it's just that about a year ago I seem to remember reading about Ryanair pilots having 'contracts' that were somewhat more onerous than other major airlines - although I stand to be corrected.

  Forum Editor 22:56 02 Nov 2008

Commercial pilots are restricted to 900 flying hours a year, and Ryanair captains aren't 'pushed' harder than any other airline captains in that respect.

These people are highly trained and well paid - an experienced Ryanair captain will be getting £100,000 a year, and will work, on average for 14 or 15 days every month on long-hauls.

Ryanair has the highest reliability record of any European airline, and an independent study showed that the company is the most punctual budget airline in the UK. How that will translate to a transatlantic operation remains to be seen, but in theory it should make little difference - what affects one airline over the Atlantic tends to affect them all in terms of weather delays etc. Provided there are enough aircraft at both ends the operation should run as effectively as any other over the route.

  lofty29 08:52 03 Nov 2008

Himself was on the television this morning about this subject, he said that although they would like to operate accross the pond, it depened on being able to buy up the aircraft cheaply, ie cancelled orders from boeing and airbus. He also said that the story in the papers at the moment was speculation.

  Condom 13:04 03 Nov 2008

I was on the internet this morning trying to get to Zurich for a few days to see some friends. I tried all the cheap airlines and on just about every ocassion the ticket price was cheaper than the taxes or the baggage fee.

Fly to the USA for £8 but what about the extras? Perhaps £50 a case plus another £60 airport taxes.

I fly Ryanair a lot to Dublin and it is great from Birmingham and Liverpool and certainly beats the drive to Holyhead and the super expensive CAT. I'll wait to see the detail.

  Picklefactory 13:14 03 Nov 2008

I've also used Ryanair a lot to Dublin and France, but I also agree with others above that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I use them as a last resort if I can't get a good deal with someone else.

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