Deekio 20:35 03 Nov 2009

So Ryanair announce a half yearly profit of 80%
due to a 42% drop in fuel prices:- click here
So how come car fuel is still going through the roof?

  morddwyd 21:06 03 Nov 2009

Airlines get their fuel tax-free.

Quite why has never been explained.

  Monoux 09:48 04 Nov 2009

"So how come car fuel is still going through the roof?"

Because we live in rip off Britain.

Why stop at car fuel .. Electricity and Gas prices we were told were linked to the oil price when they went up. Strangely the link seems to break when the oil price drops so the he Gas & Electricity prices are still sky high.

  interzone55 10:26 04 Nov 2009

It's partly because Ryanair, and most other airlines, buy their fuel on the futures markets.

This is the reason many lost money last year because they'd bought their fuel in advance at higher prices.

Currently oil is tending upwards, but is still lower than last year the middle of last year

click here

  interzone55 10:28 04 Nov 2009

"Airlines get their fuel tax-free.

Quite why has never been explained."

The answer is simple - they work in international markets, so if we applies tax on fuel they'd stop-over in countries that didn't.

It's the same for ships.

I think it's more important to ask why farmers get to use duty-free "red diesel" but hauliers don't...

  Input Overload 20:58 08 Nov 2009

Because they can, & we are daft enough not to question the prices, I hate to say this but the French would not take it. It's not difficult to find mid sized cars now that do 70+ mpg, if you can't beat them... That's the path I took.

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