Russian Schoolboy Dies After 12 Hours of Computer

  Total Care Support 16:00 24 Jun 2005


"A 12-year-old schoolboy from Russia’s Urals city of Yekaterinburg has died after playing computer games. After spending 12 hours at a local computer club, the boy fainted and was taken to hospital, where he died of a stroke eight days later, the Novye Izvestia daily reported on Tuesday.

Local doctors are sure that the boy was killed by his obsession with virtual reality. After school ended in May he started visiting a local computer club every day, spending 10 to 12 hours there and returned home only to eat and sleep. His parents did not prevent him from playing the computer games, thinking that their son should choose how he spent his summer vacation."

see the whole artical here click here now there are more than a few things that worry me about this first summer holidays start in MAY why did that not happen at my school, comming from a place called Yekaterinburg you would think you might want to get away i mean telling some your address must be awful "so where do you live?" "Sod that I not writing that down just to send you a letter"

the other thing that worries me is the head lines at the bottom of the link for other news stories

Mounted Police to Combat Train Robbers in Kazakhstan???? how slow are the trains?

Russian Policemen Rewarded for Not Accepting Bribes !!! and they want us to belive its safe to go here on holiday?

Politician Wants to Punish Russian Women for Marrying Foreigners !!! Well thats the end of those spam mails trying to get me to marry the wonman of my dreams.

22-Year-Old Uzbek Pretends to Be 14, Impregnates 11-Year-Old Russian Girl ... And you thought the sunday sport was unbelivable at least Elvis driving a London Double Deaker Bus on the Moon was entertaining and not worring on a social level

Russian Villagers Blame U.S. as Lake Disappears well we all know the U.S is behind everything dont we lol what have loads of american tourists gone over with drinking straws?

any way mind is definately in the holiday place enjoy


  octal 16:25 24 Jun 2005

I'm just wondering if that was a result of a DVT rather than "The emotional tension resulted in a congestion of blood vessels in the brain" sitting for that period of time will definatly have an effect on the circulatory system, still I guess the end result would be the same, a stroke.

  stalion 18:34 24 Jun 2005

we have probably all sat at our computers for many hours at a time with no adverse effects.
His stroke was probably caused by high blood pressure, getting to uptight with the games and stress.

  Forum Editor 21:54 24 Jun 2005

a 12 year-old boy has died, and that's not something we should be using as a vehicle for jokes about his country.

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