Russia testing our defences ???

  beb 12:25 26 Aug 2007

If they were i think we passed !!

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  Forum Editor 12:45 26 Aug 2007

long range air-to ground missile carrier isn't really a threat to us in a modern warfare situation. In a real-life conflict modern fighters would destroy these aircraft before they got close enough to do us any harm. The RAF's Typhoon is a formidable aircraft, and well able to handle the Russian 'threat' - not that there is one at present.

President Putin knows exactly what he's doing, and he's doing it for two reasons:

1. To give the Russian people a much-needed 'don't mess with us' morale boost.

2. To increase his own popularity at home. The Russians adore a leader who rattles a big sword, anmd does it flamboyantly. The Bear is an impressive looking thing, and Putin knows that American citizens will be unnerved by the sight of a few of them cruising towards American air-space.

  €dstowe 13:06 26 Aug 2007

There's no need for Russia to fight a war. All they have to do to gain control over Europe is turn the gas taps off. Remember the panics generated last winter when the Ukrainians (was it) were messing around with the gas pipes.

  DrScott 13:13 26 Aug 2007

such posturing by countries more than a little bizarre. Still, if that's how they want to use their taxes then so be it.

  spuds 13:50 26 Aug 2007

When you talk about fighter aircraft shadowing aircraft, there's nothing more intimidating than having Mig fighters escorting you over Cuban airspace. You get that "I hope that pilots not been on the vodka or some other split decision substance or action" feeling, especially when they are that close that they can wave to you.

Wasn't this same subject mentioned in the forum a short time ago, cannot seem to find the link now!.

  egapup 15:11 26 Aug 2007

There was a time when Russia was nearly bankrupt and just couldn't afford to send these aircraft, now theyre back in the money with oil and gas and want to show the world that they are.

  sunny staines 15:43 26 Aug 2007

if they were rich from gas and oil why then do they need the EU to fund leaning up their nuclear naval sites in northern russia that are in a mess.

  Forum Editor 15:58 26 Aug 2007

to say that Russia is 'back in the money' is to indicate a misunderstanding of the complexities that exist in Russia right now.

There are certainly some companies that are making a great deal of money, and some individuals as well, but that doesn't mean the Russian state is rolling in cash - nothing could be further from the truth.

The economy is growing, certainly, but with national economies the holy grail is growth coupled with stability, and the Russian economy isn't yet as stable as foreign investors might like. Only last week Russia was forced to sell American dollars in order to support the rouble, and that's something the Central bank hasn't had to do for a long time. It's not a serious glitch, but it's a glitch, nevertheless, and investors will pause for thought.

The aircraft patrols aren't anything to do with Russian economic affairs, they're a deliberate PR ploy, designed to reinforce Russia's need to feel a revived sense of indentity in the international community. Putin knows that the move will be a popular one at home, and that it will rattle western powers a little, which is what he wants to do.

  holme 17:37 26 Aug 2007

"The aircraft patrols ... will rattle western powers a little"

Maybe but, at air force level, not at all! :-)

As far as the RAF is concerned, it's a very welcome opportunity to exercise personal skills & knowledge, NATO and UK procedures, communications, 'Quick Reaction Alert', fighter control, air-to-air refuelling support, etc etc etc.

They (the Bears, the RAF and NATO allies) have been doing it for decades. It's called friendly rivalry.

What you can't see in the MoD photo is the Russian crewman holding up a copy of Playboy at the window... :-)

  Forum Editor 17:56 26 Aug 2007

as he puts his aircraft into a high-speed climb and reaches his operating ceiling of 65,000 feet in just over 60 seconds.

  Stuartli 22:16 26 Aug 2007

The Typhoon's manoeuverability is, simply, utterly breathtaking.

I've seen demonstrations on several occasions and been bowled over - even more so when I'm told that its true abilities are never actually shown in such circumstances.

The Tornado isn't too bad either..:-)

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