Russia going deep in effort to claim territory

  TopCat® 21:59 24 Jul 2007

Deep and cold in fact as they intend next Sunday to drop fourteen thousand feet under the North Pole to search for geological evidence to support its territorial claims. TC. click here

Fed up with waiting for the UN to decide in its favour I reckon. TC.

  Forum Editor 22:29 24 Jul 2007

around the North Pole administered by the International Seabed Authority, and I think it should remain that way.

Once any single nation makes a claim like the one made by Russia "The Arctic is ours and we should demonstrate our presence" there's a potential for trouble.

  paddyjack 23:08 24 Jul 2007

Alaska can make exactly the same claim as Russia, it was in the papers a few weeks ago.

  Forum Editor 23:19 24 Jul 2007

Do you mean America? Alaska is the 49th state.

It doesn't surprise me - anything the Russians can do America will want to do better.

  paddyjack 23:25 24 Jul 2007

FE point taken, its part of the same continental ridge.

On that basis both have equal claim.

More saber rattling will ensue I suppose.

  Forum Editor 23:31 24 Jul 2007

Undoubtedly. There's oil under them thar snowdrifts, and more besides.

  TopCat® 00:31 25 Jul 2007

disputin! It wouldn't surprise me if the Americans already have their flags unfurled on that seabed area. They've had since 2001 to do it and don't take kindly to claim jumpers. Anyway, I hope it doesn't lead to the start of another Cold War period, though they've found the ideal place to start it! TC.

  Input Overload 00:41 25 Jul 2007

A reason for keeping Trident? I think so.

  Stuartli 19:05 25 Jul 2007

A certain Mr Bush will no doubt ensure the idea is sunk without trace.,,:-)

  Legolas 21:44 25 Jul 2007

We will not be satisfied until the last great unspoiled wilderness is ruined, what a destructive lot mankind is.

  TopCat® 19:10 29 Jul 2007

The Russians have made preliminary test dives before taking the plunge, as it were. Two submersibles are involved, I read. TC. click here

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