Russel Brand's apology to Andrew Sachs

  wee eddie 14:30 07 Dec 2008

At the time Russel Brand's apology to Andrew Sachs was sarki at the very best, in fact he tried to justify himself.

Now he expands on that, showing that penitence is not his game. His humour appeals to a younger generation, but to my mind he is a boorish, talent-less, loudmouth.

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  Forum Editor 14:41 07 Dec 2008

saying "There are no comedy awards without Jonathan Ross, he is the King-maker."

Which more or less sums up Brand's persona - immature and insensitive. Undoubtedly his humour does appeal to a younger generation - he wouldn't be accepting awards if someone didn't like him. That makes it all the more sad in my opinion - the fact that a young generation is having its sense of humour blunted by people who have no real comedy talent, performers who can only hold an audience by shocking people with bad language or sexual innuendo. Strip that away from them and you're left with nothing worthy of the name 'comedy'.

  €dstowe 14:53 07 Dec 2008

Another "comedian" devoid of any comedy content is that Gervais person.

Apart from the comments he made in the click here above, have a look at this one click here - What an ungracious toad: "Gervais joked: "I can't be bothered to be here, there in person.

"This is beneath me to be honest: I've won real awards, Golden Globes and Emmys.""

Funny? Comedian? There's more amusement in looking at a cow pat.

Lock 'em all up together. They deserve one another.

  Pineman100 14:55 07 Dec 2008

"boorish, talent-less, loudmouth, immature and insensitive... nothing worthy of the name 'comedy'"

I agree entirely, although I wouldn't have been so reticent in my criticism.

  tullie 15:00 07 Dec 2008

Dont hold back FE,say what you mean.

  €dstowe 15:43 07 Dec 2008

Gervais is completely lost on me. I fail to find him the least amusing. His "talent" such as it is was amply demonstrated at the George Michael concert at the new Wembley stadium in June this year when he failed miserably and completely to gain the respect of his audience. He lost all his confidence and "died" on stage. I saw him. I was there.

To see someone to disintegrate the way he did on that night was one of the most cringe worthy experiences I've had - and it most definitely wasn't part of his act.

You might have seen it - it was televised.

  Forum Editor 16:25 07 Dec 2008

for years in my opinion. I like his edginess, and his perceptive insights into human nature - it places him head and shoulders above the my opinion.

  Legolas 16:32 07 Dec 2008

I watched Morecambe and Wise best TV moments last night and it was hilarious no bad language no innuendo just great comedy timing and comedy genius.

  spuds 16:51 07 Dec 2008

Apparently, certain quarters are still insisting that Ross and Brand have been misunderstood,and were badly treated, regarding that particular incident.

Looking at the listings of venues of Brands UK tour, seats seem to be selling very well.

  laurie53 19:10 07 Dec 2008

"support acts at concerts always fail"

If they did there'd never be any new headliners.

Many headliners start out as support acts.

Those that are any good shine through.

I'm sure many of us have been to performances, not just concerts, where the "star" suddenly seems a bit ordinary.

  Al94 19:47 07 Dec 2008

Ricky Gervais a comedian - get real! A pretentious arrogant bore - in my opinion!

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