Rupert is 90.

  morddwyd 10:10 08 Nov 2010

No, not Murdoch, the other one.

click here

Paddington wasn't born, and Winnie was always regarded as a bit of a wimp, or cissy in those days, so it was Rupert I was brought up with.

He introduced me to reading, poetry and newspapers on a daily basis.

Who can forget the Likely Lads episode where they nearly came to blows over Algy Pug?

  johndrew 10:14 08 Nov 2010

"Rupert is 90."

I know how he feels!!

  Quickbeam 10:15 08 Nov 2010

And he never changed his clothes once in 90 years!

  Monoux 12:50 08 Nov 2010

Quickbeam -- perhaps HE should be Pooh bear then !!

  spuds 13:15 08 Nov 2010

I let all fireworks and sparklers off yesterday, so it looks like a cherry cake and a couple of candles for Rupert's celebrations, with Muffin the Mule in attendance.

  spuds 13:18 08 Nov 2010

Whoops, forgot to mention Bill And Ben plus Little Weed ;o)

  Colin 13:27 08 Nov 2010

I remember throwing a wobbly when I was about 8 in the early seventies because I wanted to watch Rupert the Bear and my sister wanted to watch The Partridge Family - David Cassidy probably. She's older than me, so she won!

  john bunyan 13:33 08 Nov 2010

I remember the black / white /red Rupert Bear books of the 1940's

  Quickbeam 13:44 08 Nov 2010

"a wobbly when I was about 8 in the early seventies"
Ah, the days before video recording. I remember one year when the BBC and ITV had 'The Towering Inferno' and 'Earthquake' as their Christmas blockbusters and we had to draw lots to vote which would be watched!

  Belatucadrus 17:04 08 Nov 2010

Many many moons ago I was on a driving holiday in Europe and we were driving through the stunning alpine scenery. To which I was apparently oblivious glued to my Rupert annual in the back of the car.
Ninety years old and still living with his parents who must be getting on a bit now.

  QuizMan 17:13 08 Nov 2010

Time to get your own back on your sister. click here

So far as I recall, Rupert didn't do drunk driving.

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