Running a car on Homebrewed Hydrogen

  peter99co 13:46 09 Jul 2008

Is this a true Home Brew Recipe?

The Experts? say no.

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  crosstrainer 14:20 09 Jul 2008

I think that it has been a viable concept for some time, and that the real reason (putting two and two together) that HMG and other world leaders are reluctant to admit the fact is that...

If terrorist organisations, renegade armed forces etc. were to have the equipment to cheaply produce hydrogen, then the prospect for atrocities are endless.

Just a thought.

  amonra 14:40 09 Jul 2008

The main problem confronting users of hydrogen is storage. The gas/air mixture is EXTREMELY dangerous and highly inflammable. Very small volumes result in violent explosions and I would seriously question whether producing the gas at home is viable. I dont think the elf and safety boys would even consider a planning application.
The idea is sound but the practicalities need a lot more thought.

  wiz-king 15:01 09 Jul 2008

Storage is indeed the problem, it can be stored under pressure (cylinders at over 175 bar) or adsorbed onto a metal hydride, usually Lithium and it gets very hot you would have to cool the mixture without geting it damp as it can explode on contact with water. Nasty stuff!

  Wilham 18:46 09 Jul 2008

We know that oxygen and hydrogen burns to produce water and heat. To revert that water back to oxygen and hydrogen requires heat or energy to be put back; if otherwise, we would have an unlimited supply of free power.

It is true there are hydrogen powered cars. Also it's true that oxygen can be diffused from the atmosphere using a molecular filter. This source of oxygen is now available on the NHS. The filter presents micro tubes of size matched to let only free O2 molecules pass through, and the gas flow is motivated by a low pressure difference across the filter. It is the same principle used by an insect to acquire oxygen.

  Grey Goo 18:50 09 Jul 2008

When Town Gas used to be Hydrogen a large bag was fitted to the vehicle and filled from the main supply. Would take a lot of shillings in the Gas meter to fill this up.
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  Grey Goo 18:51 09 Jul 2008

Hope Boris isn't watching

  Wilham 18:59 09 Jul 2008

Home brew? No.
I should add the insect does not need a gas pressure difference. Kinetic energy of O2 molecule is sufficient for the small quantity taken.

  mfletch 20:58 09 Jul 2008

I wonder if a time will come when we can just use water in the tank and have a engine that will spit the hydrogen from the water as and when it is needed?

The only problem is water would cost £1.30 a liter,


  oresome 21:16 09 Jul 2008


If I understand you correctly, are you saying that it will cost more in energy to provide the hydrogen for the car than the hydrogen will give back fuelling the car?

  DieSse 21:29 09 Jul 2008

"When Town Gas used to be Hydrogen"

Town Gas was about 50% hydrogen, 35% methane, plus carbon monoxide and ethylene. It varied depending on the type of coal used and the plant conditions.

Just for the record.

The idea of driving around with a large bag of town gas on the roof fills me with horror (yes - there was a war on then, so the risks were perhaps more acceptable).

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