Rugby Dinners

  crosstrainer 08:06 17 May 2009

...And more specifically, the morning after :))

Went to the end of season club "Do" last night, most enjoyable and civilised (we are all getting older)

Nice fillet steak meal, couple of glasses of wine (all I'm allowed these day's) But awoke with a banging hangover :((

2 glasses is honestly all I had...Any ideas for a cure (apart from hair of the dog) which works?

(Wonder who's awake?)

  ened 08:15 17 May 2009

I'm awake! The dog doesn't understand different days of the week.

Like you, I am not allowed much more than a couple of glasses of wine, but I can't offer you a cure other than taking a couple of Ibuprofen.

Are you sure it is a hangover?

  BT 08:21 17 May 2009

..been up since 5.45.

Glass of plain water before you go to bed, and when you have to get up for a pee in the night have another glass. Seems to work for me. Had a very large dose of that Scottish medicine last night, but OK this morning ;-))

  crosstrainer 08:22 17 May 2009

...Like you, my two dog's require exercise and I am an insomniac anyway . I must admit, it seems strange to get a hangover from such a small amount of alcohol....Hope it's not swine flu :((

I'm very careful about the "doe's and don t's regarding the medication I take, so it's not that...Could just be a headache....!

  crosstrainer 08:24 17 May 2009

I did! Am feeling a little better now, having been out in the ***** down rain with the dog's

I think It may be general tiredness, and a possible reaction to zinc tablets recently prescribed by my GP.

  ened 08:28 17 May 2009

I always do that (drink water before and during the night - do you really only have to get up once in the night?). I have done since I was quite young.

I reckon that is what has saved my kidneys from all the years of abuse!

  Quickbeam 08:28 17 May 2009

A walk on the moors with the dog in driving rain, dunno if it works, but the misery of walking in driving rain takes your mind off your head.

But what sort of rubbish rugby dinner attendee on has two glasses of wine? Two gallons of ale is a compulsory requirement at the ones I go to...

  BT 08:30 17 May 2009

Swear by them for fending off sore throats and colds. I only use the ones you buy in the health food shop. What you do is suck them. They taste disgusting but the theory is that the more you are in need of the Zinc the worse they taste. The Zinc has an proven anti bacterial effect in your mouth and helps to kill the bugs.

  BT 08:39 17 May 2009

The number of nighttime trips varies, depending on how many doses of 'Medicine' I've indulged in. Its inversely proportional, the more I've had the longer it is before I wake up, so the less the number of trips. Its not the volume that counts with 'Medicine' but the strength. Bit different with beer though, all that volume has its payback ;-]

  crosstrainer 08:41 17 May 2009

Mine are in tablet form, and I take 2 a day. This is supposed to help with the ulceration on my leg post DVT.

Also 1000 MG per day of vitamin c. Won't get too medical here as it contravenes forum rules, but can't say I have noticed any appreciable improvement.

A good walk by the river alway's makes me happy...The dog's get into a filthy state, and have a great time. A rinse in the bath (they are Jack Russel's so quite Small) Followed by a towel down and then breakfast keeps them happy!

You can mention the word "Walk" without any particular reaction from either of them...But the "Car" results in paroxysms of excitement :))

  Quickbeam 08:49 17 May 2009

"But the "Car" results in paroxysms of excitement :))"
I thought it was just me that couldn't mention walk and car in the same sentence. I have a Spaniel bitch that goes hysterical if I have her lead and the car keys in my hands at the same time!

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