rug smugglers

  User-1229748 17:22 16 Sep 2008
  canarieslover 17:51 16 Sep 2008

They had to pay for their flight back somehow since XL let them down!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 16 Sep 2008

rug smugglers? was the wig that bad?

Unemployed and on a 4 week holiday in Jamacia? Who's paying for that, us tax payers?

They deserve any jail sentance they get!

  peter99co 19:53 16 Sep 2008

I thought they had smuggled a person in a rolled up rug!

Is Jamacia an option when you apply for job seekers allowance?

Why don't they just send them back. It will cost the taxpayer more to keep them locked up

  User-1229748 20:48 16 Sep 2008

didn't know whether to call 'rug smugglers' or 'powdered syrup'

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