Rudolf anyone

  carver 07:33 16 Nov 2010

Something slightly different for (can't say the word yet) dinner click here

Personally I can't see whats wrong with eating them, it's only the same as us eating our native dear but cheaper.

And a plus side you can say you had Rudolf for Cxxxxxxs

  ella33 07:52 16 Nov 2010

Oh dear, what a situation! Still, I have often wondered what Father xxxxxxx ate for his Xxxx dinner. I suppose it should have been obvious.

  Seth Haniel 08:00 16 Nov 2010

got the Reindeer, Venison and Ostrich in freezer for next month.
Had Reindeer, Elk and Whale in Bergen, Norway back in 1988.

  SimpleSimon1 08:56 16 Nov 2010

Don't know why people are getting bent out of shape about this! Basically, it's [more or less] venison and is extremely healthy (and tasty).

I can also recommend Skippy (i.e. roo) - quite a few of the Asian restaurants in Brisbane do a really nifty Sizzling Kangaroos Fillets in Black Bean Sauce.

Yum, I'm feeling peckish....

  johndrew 10:19 16 Nov 2010

I wonder how long it will be before the delicacy(?) of crocodile feet (provided on I'm a Celebrity ..) click here will be on sale.

  SimpleSimon1 12:09 16 Nov 2010

Dunno about croc feet but, quite a few years agao, I had croc tail (in tomatoe chilli sauce) in Zimbabwe. Very nice it was too...a bit like a cross between chicken and pike :-)

  spuds 12:26 16 Nov 2010

As the Chinese use to say (might still), if it flies, swims or walks and it isn't man-made, then eat it.

I have eaten many different things in my life and worldly travels, some caught and captured, others bred for the purpose, and Llidls new snack will not make much difference. Local venison anyone, plenty around our way?.

  wolfie3000 12:37 16 Nov 2010

I cant see what the fuss is, If reindeer meat became popular surely this would be a good thing.

Lets put it this way, We eat cow, pig and lamb with no problems.
Also it would mean more reindeer on this planet due to demand.

I think the problem is people anthropomorphize reindeer by calling them Rudolph ect, so get upset when people mention eating them.

But for me its no different than eating cow or sheep.

I guess some people see the cute face and feel disgusted at eating them.

Lets put it this way if you want to take an animal off the endangered species list then there's no better way than to have it as a food source.
I cant see cows going extinct in the next 100 years.
My only concern is the treatment of the animals before there slaughtered and transported.

  interzone55 13:49 16 Nov 2010

"I guess some people see the cute face and feel disgusted at eating them."

But the cutest thing on the planet is a piglet, and people will happily wait for one to grow up then turn it into bacon sarnies...

  Kevscar1 14:20 16 Nov 2010

Grandaughter goes mad when I tell her I used to eat rabbit stew as a kid.

  SimpleSimon1 14:54 16 Nov 2010


Almost as good as lecturing at the Junior Pony club on the joys of eating horse :-)

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