Rubbish in the kitchen. Bought minced beef. How do

  Armchair 12:18 15 Jun 2008

I gas oven cook it?

Mock ye not! Bought this expecting it to have cooking instructions on the reverse of the label. There's nothing. My efforts at Googling have met with negligible success. This is for my dinner today!

DO I just thorw it in a roating tin with a chopped up onion, a cup of water, and some gravy? If so, how long and on which gas setting do I cook it for?

I know it's pathetic, but please HELP!

  belfman 12:29 15 Jun 2008

Do it on the hob?

Are you talking mince & onion in gravy? Chop onion, break up mince, place in pot, cover with wather, apply heat, add gravy mix (I use Oxo & Bisto), bring to boil, reduce temperature and simmer for a bit.

  Armchair 12:32 15 Jun 2008

4th member, that link uses frying, which I'm not doing (I don't even have a frying pan!).

belfman, I was intending to cok it in the oven. This is raw minced beef. Can I really cook it in a pan on the hob?

  belfman 12:37 15 Jun 2008

Yes, I have been eating it like that since I was a nipper and have been feeding it to my kids with a big pile of mashed potatoes at least once or twice in the month. Damn I wouldn't mind some now, where do you live? lol.

  Armchair 12:39 15 Jun 2008

Hmmm, maybe I should have just bought some sausages, lol.

  belfman 12:40 15 Jun 2008

Maybe but not the 16p specials at the supermarket!

  Marko797 12:43 15 Jun 2008

no need for frying pan, a saucepan will suffice.

I don't cover it with water (as belfman), but u need to keep stirring it (medium heat) in order to prevent it both burning & ending up in large lumps. It should end up brown, and in small 'granular' sized pieces.

I usually cook it together with onions, on the way to making, say, spaghetti bolo or chilli con carne.

It will 'sweat' and produce a watery fat, which it's best to drain off - I just hate the thought of that getting in my gut to be honest. Once drained, add whatever u wish, tomatoes, bolo sauce, or whatever.

  Earthsea 12:43 15 Jun 2008

Similar to belfman, but I like chopped garlic too. You can also add a tin of peas and carrots. I'm getting hungry now...

  Armchair 12:47 15 Jun 2008

Okay, so I mix up the mince with the hacked up onion, in a pan, then pour some gravy (from granules) over it. Then heat it on the hob for............? How long you reckon it would take for 500g?

  Earthsea 12:53 15 Jun 2008

I always used to brown it before adding water, then cover and simmer for about 20 or 30 minutes. Can't remember exactly.

  Marko797 12:53 15 Jun 2008

1. cook the mince and onions together first.Mince must be cooked until brown, and onions soft.
2. drain the fat.
3. return cooked mince & onions to original saucepan.
4.make up ur gravy (granules & water)and make sure this is cooked - either on hob (another saucepan) or microwave - read the packet.
5. pour the cooked gravy over ur mince
6. Stir, & Heat through
7. Cook some veg - optional
8. Make sure everything is hot
9. Serve
10. Eat
11. Do the washing-up

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