Rubbish Collection

  ulrich 22:07 24 May 2007

I am all for recycling, but at certain I won't mention them times of year, my neighbours use my bin for their recyclable stuff.

So what happens when all my neighbours do this, I don't want my bin in the front room.?

  PalaeoBill 22:14 24 May 2007

Ridiculous as it may seem, we have to padlock the ones at work. The cleaners have a key to put stuff in of an evening and we unlock them when the disposal wagon comes.
I can see this having to be done for domestic bins as well soon. Isn't life wonderful.

  TalYasis 22:25 24 May 2007

We should go German.
That is drop the rubbish off on your return visit to the supermarkets.

Are we so stupid that we are going to be furthered penalised for buying goods.Maybe when we decide to buy less then the big company nobs will take notice.
So the easy solution is to charge Tesco etc. for the costs incurred through buying and then dumping.

You don't think that the future waste taxes are simlpy a local council green light money spinner?
Green my .....

  wee eddie 22:49 24 May 2007

Please don't think that I mean "YOU"

One of the reasons that Britain has a rubbish problem is that we are hopeless cooks and household managers.

Much of the time we buy more than we need, we cook more than we can eat and then we throw away what's left.

If we understood more about household management and cooking.

We would buy less, cook in quantities closer to what we were going to eat and use anything left over as part of a following meal

  Forum Editor 23:04 24 May 2007

for enterprising people to start up private refuse collection companies. Ones that collect refuse when you want it collected, and in the way you want it collected.

  ulrich 23:14 24 May 2007

I am a single parent, but I enjoey cooking and do not throw any waste food out. I am a bit fussy and what I do not eat I give to the two Huskys that live next door. I don't buy ready packed meat. But my son does like Trpicana and other drinks which come in waxed containers and I am never sure what to do with these.

I lived in Germany for 20 yrs I could buy oil and car batteries at the supermarket and leave the old there.

The usual problem in England unfortunately is the inhabitants being too lazy to take their plastic/glass with them to the supermarket.

  Blackhat 23:15 24 May 2007

Many of you will be aware of the many debates surrounding recycling issues. The news is full of aspects relating to charging for extra waste, tagging bins, fortnightly collections etc. I wonder if any of you have encountered the problem my street is suffering from?

I live on a side street off a major high street and it has about 50 houses. We have been given two recycling coloured bins, one for tins and bottles and one for paper. After about a year of this I now count only 7 houses on my side using these. The picture bellow shows the aftermath of a collection when there was no wind. How would blind or disabled people cope down this street?

On a windy day these bins end up in the high street causing traffic problems! We have to recover our bins from far and wide and too many residents can’t be bothered any more. If only I had taken a photo when this started when most residents conformed, it was an obstacle course just trying to walk down the street!

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  josie mayhem 23:22 24 May 2007

I agree with you....

My council is one of the very few councils that still provide a weekly rubbish collection and boy to they sing there own priases concerning the provision of a weekly 'greeen box' recycling collection....

I don't I spend most weeks wanting to scream... The council has got the nerve to charge me for this 'green box' collection have even charged me as part of my council tax for the 'green box' that they said they gave to each householder...

I didn't have one, nor did any of the eight of us in our block of flats, we can't have one no reason why! just that we can't have one.... There isn't even a safty issuse involved either as we have a bin store where our rubbish is collected by the council but they can't collect any 'green box's' from this point, the houses across the road from our flats front doors are right on the public path and there green box are left here for people to fall over!

I meet those flipping green lorries on my way to work, and I'm sure that they do there best to block the road, several weeks ago they left me waiting to get past for alomost 15 minutes before they would move there lorry, I could except this if they had no option but they had to only pull the lorry up a car length and then they could pull into the curb and keep the road clear for other traffic, they even had the nerve to walk up past my car to collect some of the box's and retun them it was beyond a joke!

No they are talking about providing wheelie bins that are chipped so they can charge for the amount you throw out, well I flipping hope that these wheely bins are lockable as I've no intention of paying for other people rubbish! But there again I expect knowing my council they will have a reason for charging me for this and then not providing it and I end up taking my rubbish to the tip myself!

But I have a plan if this happens I will dispose of my rubbish right on the town hall door step!


The house across the road from me pay exactly the same amount of council tax as I do!

  wee eddie 23:35 24 May 2007

If what you suggest happens I will not be delivering mine to the Town Hall but to the doorstep of our Councillor.

  Blackhat 23:35 24 May 2007

I try to do my bit and my previous post shows the problems we have around here, this sort of headline gets my back up when we can't recycle even when we try!

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I would like my £30 cash reward as I have to spend time chasing my bins around for the next collection.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:37 24 May 2007

if I get a rebate from the council for not using their services.

But I think there should be a heck of a lot more pressure put on manufacturers to reduce the amounts of unnecessary packaging they put in their products that we have to pay to get then pay again to get rid of. Lunacy! Maybe it ought to be made a legislative matter?

On another note, we could perhaps solve some problems by taking the contents of our bins to the supermarkets when we go shopping. It returns them to the source (as far as the consumer is concerned) and also helps you with your shopping list because you can see at a glance what you have used in the week.


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