Royal Mail Junk Mail 2.0

  realist 20:19 10 Oct 2006

Apparently the Post office is planning to renage on its pledge that it will deliver no more than three items of junk mail per week (or is it a day?) per household.

I was thinking maybe a good idea to dump it all back unread in my nearest Royal Mail postbox.

To register your preference not to receive junk mail click here

  realist 20:33 10 Oct 2006

Also to stop that very annoying unaddressed junk which is the stuff Royal Mail are paid to give you write to [email protected]

  Jak_1 21:10 10 Oct 2006

it doesn't actually bother me, I just rip up junk mail and put it in the paper recycling bin provided by the council.

  Koochy 23:02 10 Oct 2006

I am one of those horrible people that removes all identifying marks from junk mail then rip them up into small peices then fill the photograph developing envolope with them and stick them back in the post.

  Forum Editor 23:16 10 Oct 2006

What a foolish thing to do.

  jz 23:33 10 Oct 2006

I often send back junk mail in the pre-paid envelope that it comes with. I don't remove my name though. Is this foolish? If more people did this, perhaps we'd get less junk mail.

  Koochy 00:23 11 Oct 2006

FE can i ask why this is foolish? i believe if people insist on ramming all sorts of rubbish through my door well its nice to return the compliment after all i didn't ask for them to post it to me.


  rdave13 00:41 11 Oct 2006

Not really bothered about junk mail. Sometimes Capital One only send us about ten letters a month but they include a nice plastic replica card with a tiger on it.
My small tots love 'em!
Sometimes others include a mini biro and mayhem follows at which one gets
Junk mail also gives the PO some revenue so will keep more posties employed.
I do believe that advertisments, in all its forms,
help keep the wheels of commerce going and even some forums cost free for members.
So, all in all, junk mail isn't so bad eh?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:45 11 Oct 2006

on the radio the figure of 78000 tons of this rubbish being delivered annually. most of which goes directly to landfills, whose tax has increased by 15% this year. Payable by councils, who get their money from us, the tax payers.


BTW, I am quoting the figures from memory, so if anyone can come up with evidence of substantially different numbers please let us know, thanks

  rdave13 00:53 11 Oct 2006

Not unless recycled as we always put junk mail, newspapers..etc in the councils "blue" plastic bin.

  JaneAusten 12:09 11 Oct 2006

I have politely asked Royal Mail to discontinue.
I hope it works, as it drives me (and my yappy dog) bonkers, on a dialy basis.


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