Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

  BT 07:45 24 Dec 2009

If like me you have enjoyed these in the post Xmas period, you will have probably missed them this year.
Originally on BBC2 for many years they moved to Channel 4 a few years ago but still in their traditional slot.
This year they have been on this week on More4 at 7pm. I only came across them by accident last night just in time to set the recorder for last night and the rest of the week.

  morddwyd 08:10 24 Dec 2009

I didn't realise they'd been moved as I've not watched for afew years.

Obviously got no place in the new dumbed down BBC.

  gengiscant 09:00 24 Dec 2009

Turned on to watch as usual this year, lasted about 10-15 minutes, I have never been so bored.
The speaker Professor Sue Hartley has very little charisma, certainly has not got a clue on bring her subject alive. What happened to the slightly eccentric (mad) presenters that inn the past both educated and entertained?

Its a shame as there are so few decent science programs on the TV that haven't been dumbed down, look what they did to Horizon.
I can remember watching an edition many many years ago and not having a clue what the subject matter was.

  beeuuem 09:23 24 Dec 2009

I also only 'tripped over' the programme by accident.
I do know quite a few people who did watch them with interest in past years but don't have digital TV.

  bri-an 11:30 24 Dec 2009

High point for me was Prof Eric Laithwaite and his 'linear induction motor'.

Also, agree with fourm member, the encouragement of whooping and yelling is not a good development.

  Wilham 22:19 24 Dec 2009

It seems to me Sue Hartley is addressing a younger audience than earlier years, so her approach should be judged on that, and not on an adult entertainment rating.

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