Rough Justice...

  Quickbeam 11:05 29 Aug 2007

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I know this is at the extreme end of justice, but there must be a 'fair justice' somewhere between this and the pathetic wrist slaps that we read about nearly every day...?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:31 29 Aug 2007

One would imagine he might be tempted to think twice before dealing again which is more than a suspended sentence or a 3 month stay in jail would do.


  sunny staines 13:00 29 Aug 2007

much better

  €dstowe 13:58 29 Aug 2007

Problem with all of this do-it-yourself justice is where does it stop?

Knee capping, public castration, public executions?

Vigilantism is illegal - with good reason.

  Legolas 14:21 29 Aug 2007

While I can in no way condone Vigilantism as it can easily get out of hand and end up with an innocent party getting hurt, I also think if the authorities were doing there jobs properly and criminals were getting punished sufficiently for their misdemeanours then people would not feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

  mrwoowoo 14:40 29 Aug 2007

"or a 3 month stay in jail",now come on.No lily livered judge in this country would ever think of issuing such a harsh sentence as that ,just for drug dealing.
What we need is tougher minimum sentences,not higher maximum sentences.
Even though a crime has a maximum sentence of 10 years,the offender often walks away with a suspended sentence.
Higher maximum sentences...Whats the point?

  Mike D 14:54 29 Aug 2007

I read an earlier report of this incident (can't remember where, unfortunately) and the authorities' spokesperson(s) seemed to indicate that efforts were focussing on bringing the people who committed this despicable act to book. Typical of the obsession on the plight of the poor criminals, there was no mention of the fact that the dealer was a law breaker.

  techie4me 16:53 29 Aug 2007

Punishment beatings, knee capping & tar & feathering was the norm back in the 80's & 90's in Ulster.

Nothing new except the press pick it up now there's peace? in Northern Ireland.

  lisa02 17:00 29 Aug 2007

He deserved it "Ulster Style". There are plenty more who deserve it as well.

  jack 17:57 29 Aug 2007

Vigilantism is illegal with good reason - though you and I may feel like it from timr to time.
A famous case in, I think it was Southampton some time ago when a Paediatrician was marked out at home as a Paedophile, a mob gethered notices posted.

Morse recently a well respected Paediatrician was found murdered near my home only recently - no suspects or witnesses but one wonders if this was not a similar case.

  cycoze 18:35 29 Aug 2007

"He deserved it "Ulster Style"" Really? i thought Alleged meant someone who has been accused of doing something but against whom nothing had been proved.

A good reason for Vigilantism to be illegal.

jack, i can remember that story, shameful.

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