Ronal Aldridge

  finerty 14:15 03 Mar 2011

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my granddaughter goes to this school, i remember last year we were told by letter about the caretaker and that he had committed an offence of historical violence.... very ambiguous no other detail was given

ie he had shouted at a child and maybe hit a child

we were not told about any rape. We were also told not to talk to the media if were asked about any allegations.

I feel a little disappointed with the school and Harrow council since they didn't want to tell us what he was charged with initially until i can across the article above.

  ella33 14:22 03 Mar 2011

Do you think that the parents of the child were kept informed but for the child's sake they didn't want to publicise it?

I do understand how you feel though. When a school caretaker around here was arrested, they released neither name nor the school. Which led local people to feel very insecure about their child's school

  interzone55 14:34 03 Mar 2011

There's always a danger of releasing too much information in cases like this - just look at the case of Joanna Yeates.

Her landlord Chris Jefferies was arrested and named, and later exonerated. The vilification he received at the hands of the press was shocking.

Just imagine what would happen if he'd been accused of raping a little girl - and his name will always be blackened, despite the fact he did nothing wrong...

  lotvic 14:35 03 Mar 2011

A bit delicate, the alleged offences were allegedly committed over 20 years ago. It remains to be proved at his trial whether he is guilty or not.

However CPS must feel there is sufficient evidence to bring it to court.

Puts the school in a very difficult position as alleged incidents were before he started work there and they had probably been advised not to disclose.

  jakimo 14:40 03 Mar 2011

The alleged offences took place in 1979,and not in his current employment(your grandaughters school)

  jakimo 14:50 03 Mar 2011

For a more up to date press report
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  carver 15:03 03 Mar 2011

He might have been "charged" with the offence but until found guilty that is all, the alleged offences are 30 years old.

The worst thing about this sort of allegation is that the only evidence is some ones word against another person, how do you start to disprove it.

  HondaMan 15:10 03 Mar 2011

There is an argument for some limitation of time in which to bring such cases before the courts, in similar manner to criminal matters. Whether that be six months, six years or any other period of time is for thte politicians to decide

  lotvic 15:34 03 Mar 2011

This is a very difficult case, the alleged victims were about 14 years old and they have each waited until they are in their middle/late 40's before reporting it.
I feel that unless a guilty plea is entered, how on earth is the case going to be proved?

Unfortunately if the man is innocent his name is now smeared with this charge.

I echo HondaMan's post, there should be some sort of limitation of time. I hope the politicians do eventually make some sort of time limit.

  spuds 15:57 03 Mar 2011

There seems to be a pattern emerging with these 'aged' events coming to light, and people being charged with incidents that had or were supposed to have occurred years ago. All seems very strange.

In this particular incident, the women involved are now in their 40's and the man named, now in his 60's. At these ages, you would have thought the people involved would have rang alarm bells well before now ?.

  jakimo 16:05 03 Mar 2011

Catholic priest sexual abuse cases are still being brought 40 years after the alleged abuse
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