Rolling over

  tigertop2 15:34 27 Sep 2009

Gordon Brown is absolutely right to say, prior to the Annual Labour Conference, "I don't roll over"

Of course he doesn't -we all know he flops over on almost everything

  spuds 16:06 27 Sep 2009

GB states a lot of things, like most Politicians, but it doesn't always mean that they are correct, or that it actually happens.

  oresome 18:23 27 Sep 2009

The macho talk on bank bonuses is a case in point.

A mass exodus of talent from London which then looses importance as a financial centre and impacts on our invisible earnings may bring about a softening of approach.

  bremner 18:59 27 Sep 2009

I just cannot believe that Labour are going to go into the election with Brown as their party leader.

In a way I feel sorry for him, he is completely incapable of connecting with the public a vital requirement for any leader in todays 'celebrity' world.

His contrived smile, his inability to speak in a fashion that in any way comes across as sincere and his uncomfortableness in front of a television camera mark him as a total liability.

With him in charge Labour will lose the election, with another leader they will probably lose.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:12 27 Sep 2009

First, I am a labour voter.

Second, no matter who leads the party, they are not going to win.

  bremner 20:17 27 Sep 2009

You may be the last one :0)

I believe a change of leader (unless it was to Mandelson) could bring the Tories lead down to single figures and result in a hung parliament.

Whether that would be good for the country is a completely different matter.

  Stuartli 22:05 27 Sep 2009

It's quite a few politicians that should be "hung"...:-)

  tein 22:22 27 Sep 2009

I have allways felt sorry for Mr Brown having come into the PM's position at the time he did! there isnt much of a worse time really! However i am like most other people in the UK! we have been saturated with his lies & his tax's! YES it dont matter who comes in power there is going to be some HUGE job losses in recouping money back! but with Labour as "bremner" states "he is completely incapable of connecting with the public a vital requirement for any leader in todays 'celebrity' world.

I'd love a online calculator that shows the parties & for the public to vote on a friendly scale just too see what the outcome is!

I noticed on the TV today at the labour party Conferance they was many seats empty!?
i find it hard to belive that he STILL has some Die Hard Supporters.? Are they not aware whats happened.?

  Chegs ®™ 04:37 28 Sep 2009

If I'd guessed this was another "knock GB" thread from the title I wouldnt have clicked on it.As I'm here though,I might as well comment.GB is a walking corpse,he has nothing that can endear him to the public.A politician needs to be dynamic to earn votes,its not just what they say but the way they say it that counts.GB can "back" any of those politicians (Baroness Scotland,etc) he choses,but "backing" dishonest politicians will further alienate him from the voting public.

  bremner 09:46 28 Sep 2009

The issue with right wing blogs alleging Brown was on anti depressants was run early last week in the political pages of The Times.

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