Rocketing Fuels prices but we still have

  jack 11:58 20 Jun 2008

Yesterday- A day by the Seaside
Trundling down the A/M2 a quiet drive at a modest
rate to maximise MPG.
And again coming home -In particular coming home 5/6 ish - 'Rush Hour 'and it seems that the escalating fuel prices seemed not to deter those the like to drive with the 'Pedal to the Metal'
Surely not all 'Company Drivers'

  Cymro. 12:16 20 Jun 2008

People driving home after a hard day don`t need someone like you trundling along in front of them, all they want is to get home A.S.A.P.

It is not just those you call "Pedal to the Metal" that cause accidents but the drivers who go so slow in front of them that people get frustrated and so take risks that would not other wise be taken.

  Cymro. 12:19 20 Jun 2008

Sorry did not intend to add insult to injury by miss spelling your name.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:39 20 Jun 2008

Time is money

labour costs more than fuel

more sales = more bonus to off set the price of fuel.

  birdface 12:48 20 Jun 2008

I had to go pick a friend up at Luton Airport yesterday.There and back without a hold up except at the airport itself.Just wondering if there is less traffic on the roads because of the fuel price.

  jack 14:06 20 Jun 2008

Particularly in the morning 'School Run' found to be not entirely necessary perhaps

That was perhaps a little acerbic from you.
As a 'Pro driver' for more then 50 years I can assure you I don't hang about nor do I wear a 'flat 'at and smoke a pipe in the middle lane.
Though I have to say there were a few if those yesterday too. ;-}

  Cymro. 14:12 20 Jun 2008

"That was perhaps a little acerbic from you."

Yes perhaps it was rather so due apologies to you.
Perhaps I have been too long on this forum and it is rubbing off on me from some of the others.

  peter99co 14:40 20 Jun 2008

I always tear along at 56! except on M/way then I whizz along at 70

  jack 14:51 20 Jun 2008

whizz along at 70
Not in the 50MPH restricted zones I hope ;-}

  TopCat® 14:57 20 Jun 2008

Round Britain powerboat race, starting on Saturday. These forty-nine craft will really burn it up if conditions allow around seventy mph to be maintained on the stages. The entry fee is a minimum of £25k, by the way, but who's counting? TC. click here

  peter99co 15:05 20 Jun 2008

I have never exceeded the speed limit or broken the law. Honest. I do get annoyed by drivers who try to attach themselves to my towball though.

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