Robin Hood

  DANZIG 20:20 24 Feb 2008

Me and the other half felt supremely lazy today and have just laid on the sofa pretty much all day watching Robin Hood (the BBC series) on UKGold.

I've never seen it before as I generally work on a Saturday night, and I am very impressed.

Up till now. Marion has just come back to life with some implausible muttered line about Hemlock.


  Earthsea 20:49 24 Feb 2008

I watched some of the first series but couldn't be bothered watching any more. The women were too heavily made-up and there was one that looked like she was wearing an M&S cardigan. It was all a bit silly and the storylines never excited me much, either.

The 80s Robin of Sherwood series was a lot better, in my opinion. Mind you, I was a lot younger then so maybe I've just grown out of it.

  DANZIG 20:52 24 Feb 2008

I've got to admit the 80's one was better, with Michael Praed not Jason Connery.

I've quite enjoyed this one though - just that plot 'twist' was rubbish

  Earthsea 21:04 24 Feb 2008

You're right, it went downhill after Michael Praed left, but the Clannad soundtrack was brilliant. I've still got the album somewhere.

  Ancient Learner 21:45 24 Feb 2008

You clearly haven't seen the Errol Flyne version. Now that was the really the standard, and contained the best sword fight ever on film.

  jellyhead 22:06 24 Feb 2008

Richard Green was the real Robin Hood :)

  Forum Editor 22:33 24 Feb 2008

Now you're talking!

Those green tights, that Brylcreem hair, the public-school accent........ authentic, or what?

  bluto1 23:36 24 Feb 2008

Steady on there FE

  BT 08:55 25 Feb 2008

We started watching the most recent series,but gave up when the glaring historical inaccuracies started to appear.

Obvious bra straps visible.

What appeared to be lighting provided by GAS jets on a rectangular framework above the gaming tables in one episode.

Youngsters using catapults with RUBBER elastic.

Come on BBC get it right, its not your usual standard!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:11 25 Feb 2008

As an "East Midlander" Robin Hood is in the blood round here however just could not get into this (very poor) version.

Forum Editor
OK we've got your age group pinned down now, obviously a child of the fifties watching RH in black and white @ 5-30 on a Monday night :0)

Ancient Learner
and Basil Rathbone was the best Sheriff.

  exdragon 14:23 25 Feb 2008

Oh, I SO wanted to be Maid Marian to Richard Greene's Robin Hood..... The first of my fantasies was doomed...

(I'm female, by the way!)

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