Robb Wilton - still makes me laugh

  Graham. 14:08 26 Dec 2009
  hastelloy 11:43 28 Dec 2009

I used to love Albert Modley click here

  birdface 13:28 28 Dec 2009

Takes me back a few years to before we had Tv and the highlight of Sunday nights was listening to Dick Barton special Agent.

  anchor 14:15 28 Dec 2009

"Dick Barton"; that brings back some fond memories of my childhood, curled up by the wireless; (that`s what we called radios in those days).

Do you remember this tune?; it`s called "The Devil's Galop".

click here

  Graham. 14:44 28 Dec 2009

When I was a technician for a band, we used to rehearse for tours at Shepperton Studios.

We used to stay at the Warren Lodge Hotel. One time in 1977, they were filming Jabberwocky, and Max Wall and John Le Mesurier were also staying at the Warren. Interesting times...

  birdface 16:41 28 Dec 2009

Yes.Tune in next week for another exciting venture of Dick Barton Special agent.
It went something like that.
Funny I cant remember some things that happened recently but can remember things from 60 years ago.

  anchor 18:26 28 Dec 2009

buteman: Just to remind you, Dick Barton was a daily serial:

click here

  morddwyd 20:19 28 Dec 2009

And the same year that Dick Barton finished the Archers took over the 6.45 slot, where they remained for many years.

  birdface 20:51 29 Dec 2009

Many thanks folks for all of the updates for Dick Barton it certainly takes me back a lot of years.
We had no Electric in the house in those days and had to go down to the hardware store to get the accumulator charged so that we could listen to it.

Sorry Graham for rambling on on your thread, I must admit I had not heard of Rob Wilton but the sound of his voice made me think of Dick Barton.
And sorry for any confusion in the post.

I was getting fed up with I/E8 being so slow so have downloaded and using Firefox just now with a different sign in username.


  birdface 20:54 29 Dec 2009

Nope sorry.Could not get Firefox to open and moved back to IE8 temporarily.
Memory not as good as it should be.

  Graham. 22:31 29 Dec 2009

Please feel free to ramble on. You don't need a different username to use Firefox.

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