ROAD TOLLS!!! What do you think??

  zimzala 17:21 12 Jan 2007

Hi to you all,

Here's a link from the register about Road Tolls.

click here

Personally I don't think we should be charged per mile aswell as paying Road Tax and around 70% tax on petrol.


  Watchful 18:15 12 Jan 2007

Neither do I, except in the case of high maintenance roads such as suspension bridges.

  Curio 18:17 12 Jan 2007


  wee eddie 19:42 12 Jan 2007

Luckily the hardware is not yet up to the job so it'll not be with us for a while yet.

p.s. I'm not saying that there is not hardware that can track and record a vehicle's movements. What I am saying is that there is no system available that can track (the approximately) 4 million vehicle movements between 6.30 and 9.00am each morning.

  Kate B 22:19 12 Jan 2007

Tolls and road pricing is an excellent way of raising tax revenue. It makes people think about the car journeys they make and therefore it raises their environmental awareness; and it's a progressive tax. The more you want to drive, the more you pay. Simple and effective.

But we've done this before. Several times.

  anskyber 22:21 12 Jan 2007

Indeed we have. I like progressive taxes, and they work well for things like environmental issues.

  DrScott 22:42 12 Jan 2007

as long as they get rid of the Road Tax. But surely such taxes will go the same way as National Insurance? The revenue will not be reserved for roads, but for Labour and their white elephants.

  anskyber 22:50 12 Jan 2007

Avoid the politics and consider the principles.

The relationship between revenue and spending has long been broken. Taxation is a policy led thing unrelated to the nominal function it is meant to serve.

If road tax/fuel tax etc was spent on roads then the picture would be very different. All political parties follow the same line.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:15 12 Jan 2007

I bet all the people who think it's a good idea don't have cars or if they do don't use them much. As for the environment perhaps we should all stop breathing for 12 hours a day and cut our own production of CO2 in half.

  grw 23:32 12 Jan 2007

It was recently reported that some £48 billion was raised in taxes on vehicles. Only £6 billion was reinvested in transport infrastructure. With tax on vehicles purchased, fuel tax, road tax, tax on insurance, tax added to vehicle servicing and spares bills etc I think we pay enough. I dont have a choice of driving to work, the alternative is catching 3 buses and a train each way. As I am next driving on a road full of potholes, I will be deciding on my vote at the next election.

  Main Access 23:33 12 Jan 2007

Here’s a radical idea. Lets do away with the road fund licence, and put the cost of it on to fuel. If the average car does 10000 miles per annum then we only need to put 75p on a gallon to make up the difference. This would also mean that those that use the road network the most will end up paying the most. The biggest bonus is that it should cost no extra to collect the revenue, unlike road charging

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