Road Speed Limit Cut to 50mph

  oresome 13:21 08 Mar 2009

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I suggest it will take an awful lot of cameras to enforce this limit.

It may be a way of offsetting the cost of supporting the banking system of course.

  sunnystaines 13:30 08 Mar 2009

a crash at 50 is just as devastating as one at 60 I would have thought.

  Stuartli 13:38 08 Mar 2009

The road speed limit hasn't been cut to 50mph - it's a proposal at present and would not apply to the entire network of roads which currently have a 60mph national speed limit.

In some cases I'm sure that it would be beneficial and, in fact, similar speed reductions could be applied to some present 40 and 50mph speed limited roads on safety grounds.

You will always get those who seem to think that adding around 10mph or more to a road's speed limit when driving is perfectly accceptable.

  interzone55 13:43 08 Mar 2009

I think a better way to cut down on accidents would be to limit the type of vehicles new drivers can drive. And to stop the free insurance deals dished out by the likes of Citroen.

This would hopefully put a stop to the likes of this incident in the news yesterday...

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  Forum Editor 13:57 08 Mar 2009

It wouldn't.

Reckless young drivers will be reckless regardless, as long as they have access to any kind of vehicle.

  bremner 14:01 08 Mar 2009

I agree that all new drivers should be limited to low power cars.

Below 1000cc, not capable of 100mph would be a start.

Like a Citroen C1 for example.

  birdface 14:58 08 Mar 2009

Maybe the problem is driving school Instructers.I find it totally crazy that Instucters with only 2 or 3 years driving experience can be allowed to teach learner drivers to drive properly when they themselves have not long past their driving test.

I think Driving Instructers should have at least 7 years driving experience before being allowed to teach someone else.

And as for reduced speeds.We have a main road beside us that used to have a 70mph speed limit on it .It was then reduced to 60 then 50 and is now 40mph where does it stop.

  Bingalau 15:33 08 Mar 2009

buteman, I can assure you that anybody who passes the tests to become a driving instructor in this country has got to be very efficient. Take no notice of the adverts on TV where it says the qualification is being the holder of a driving licence for three years, or whatever that advert states. It is just grabbing money from the unwary. I guess at least 80% of the people who try to become driving instructors after answering those adverts, do not even get past the first part of the test. We have some instructors on this forum and I am sure they will back me up.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:02 08 Mar 2009

why? do you feel your reversing skills are a little lacking? Practice, young fellah, that;s the thing! :)


  peter99co 16:35 08 Mar 2009

The impression I get when reading that is they were late for the party and did not allow for stopping distance on arrival.

  Bingalau 16:54 08 Mar 2009

WTM. Thanks for the "young fellah" bit, you have made my day...

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