Road Pricing is on the Horizon

  anchor 09:17 18 Aug 2008

Despite 1.8 million signing the petition against road pricing, it seems the government is determined to proceed with the scheme. Trials are to be started in selected areas.

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  AL47 10:06 18 Aug 2008

this is starting to seriously pee me off!
the only reason you drive at rush hour is to get to work, and, if you go to work, you have to go,

how much more tax is needed before people start to figure that if they are on a low wage the dole is better?

so, on top of fuel tax, new car tax, oil price rises, this as well? WTF!!

if i get the opportunity to leave this country, im gone

  dan. 10:13 18 Aug 2008

I am quite happy with that.

Toll charges, congestion charges and road pricing.

When you see all the cars grid locked and with just one person in them. Mile after mile of standing traffic on a motorway and most with just the driver. It's ridiculous.

They should wave the charges and make special lanes for those who carry at least 2 passengers.

  GRIDD 10:35 18 Aug 2008

"people start to figure that if they are on a low wage the dole is better?"

I figured that one out ages ago but still go to work.

  spuds 10:55 18 Aug 2008

dan---Perhaps the government should look into providing a far better public transport infrastructure (which they seem to boast about), before spending large volumes of money of taxing the people further. Through no choice of my own, I use a motor vehicle on occasions, when other modes of transport are not available or practicable, which I pay (as required) the government to use on the public highways and bye-ways. Why should I be taxed even further, because I am (on occasions) a single driver, trying to get from A to B at times of need.

The same could perhaps be said about things like single room supplements, when the single person usually ends up with a poor class of room, at near the double rate charge which is usually far better or more superior accommodation and service wise.

With regards to the proposed charging in/for inner or inter city services. This is nothing new, because experiments have been going on for ages by certain 'selected' councils around the country. My own council were involved with main road 'gantry' checks about 8 years ago. In that experiment (funded fully by the government) which ran for 12 months or so, it was found that some of the local councillor's were deeply involved, but failed to inform the electorate.Some of the councillor's plus other 'selected' people had devices fitted to their vehicles, which monitored the usage of the vehicles, especially at certain peak times.

All the data provided, as no doubt been analysed, and as an end result, road tolls will come into being, whether the public or heavy transport users want it. Petitions mean very little, the government want more taxes and they will gain more taxes in the 'saving the environment' speeches an banner waving, and the burden of payment will remain for the public to provide.

  Colin 12:48 18 Aug 2008

I thought that we already pay as we drive. The more you drive, the more fuel you use, the more tax & VAT you pay. The more you drive, the more maintenance & repairs your vehicle requires, again more VAT. Where will it end? The motorist is seen as a soft touch. The government know that most people will still use their cars whatever, with the reduction in car use being negligible.

  AL47 13:43 18 Aug 2008

well i have to drive to work, if this is confined to motorways its not gonna affect me but if its nationwide people in the countryside will suffer, and yeah id actually rather more fuel tax than a box in my car tracking me!

  anchor 14:17 18 Aug 2008

France does not have a road tax, as we do here.

The revenue to pay for the roads is obtained from the fuel taxes; as Colin said: The more you drive, the more fuel you use, the more taxes you pay. Petrol is about the same price as in the UK, (depending on the exchange rate of the euro).

Yes, the majority of their motorways are toll roads, which have been financed & built by private companies. However, stretches of quite a number of them are free.

In contrast, UK motorways have been already paid for by the UK motorist, in what used to be called the road fund licence.

It seems that the UK government is resolved to milk the motorist to the limit, and beyond.

  red1977 14:25 18 Aug 2008

do you drive to work, or use public transport?

  cluckinbell 14:51 18 Aug 2008

I drive to work, its about 45 miles, it takes me just over an hour, worse when school is back.

Public transport would increase the door to door time to about two hours and would cost more per year.

Who are these two passengers i should pick up on my drive to the office? I used to collect a colleague when she lived on my route but she moved, does that now make me a bad person?

  AL47 15:10 18 Aug 2008

^exactly, if no one lives near then it cant be done, the government must know its doomed, who hasnt it peed off? perhaps if it keeps punishing the voters it never had/lost already it cacnt get anyworse, is that the game plan?

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